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yok rooftop terrace Barcelona

Private Barcelona rooftop terrace for hire

If you are looking for a unique place to celebrate an event, we might have just the space for you. Because of many Covid-19-related restrictions in restaurants and bars these days in Barcelona, we decided to open up our terrace not only for our guests, but for anyone who is looking for a private space to host a dinner, workshop, birthday celebration, meeting or so.

yok rooftop mural space

The 40m2 terrace offers an amazing 260º view over el Born to the sea, and over the Eixample district, including the Sagrada Familia in the distance. The maximum capacity is 16 people as long as there are no Covid-19 safety measures to take into consideration.

Our 33m2 office is equipped with a toilet and a kitchen and we offer complimentary filtered tap water. To see what we do to keep Covid19 out, please read our Covid-19 safety plan.

A lot of thought went into the design of our terrace. The plants are bee-friendly, meaning that we try to always have some flowers in bloom to feed the bees from spring to autumn. Because flowering plants require a little more water in our climate we use the rejection water from our reverse osmosis water filtering system to water them. The wooden sun blinds are typical mediterranean features so we decided they would be a nice addition to our rooftop. They are long-lasting and made from PEFC-certified pine wood in Soria, Spain. We use LED-lighting inside and outdoors.

Inside, our office features a kitchen made from salvaged railway sleepers and an upcycled countertop, second-hand furniture and non-toxic materials like wood fibre insulation and VOC-free paint. To get more details, please read our previous post all the details about our green office in Barcelona. We also have a toilet that recycles the waste water from the sink, although how eco-friendly this really is is open for debate.

Please get in touch if you are interested in hosting your event at #terrazayök.