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primavera sound festival barcelona

Music we listen to from and in Barcelona

If you notice more than the usual amount of hipsters in Barcelona this month, it’s because of Primavera Sound Festival this week, followed a couple of weeks later by Sonar. So we think this is a good opportunity to tell you about […]

5 favourite places to have coffee in Barcelona

Tomorrow we celebrate the yearly Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival, where everyone who loves the beans gets together to share the culture of coffee. At yök we take pride in serving good coffee all year round. Our coffee comes roasted from Nømad Coffee, […]

Documentary about Catalan designer Miguel Milá

Tonight at 19:30h TVE Catalunya will show the documentary about Catalan designer Miguel Milá, by local filmmaker Poldo Pomés. For more information, read “Imprescindible el documental sobre el genio Miguel Milá” via diarioDISIGN and “Mira (y aprende con) el tráiler de Miguel Milà, la leyenda […]

Our lighting designer, Anoche, goes christmassy

We are excited to see Anoche’s christmas lights on Paseo de Grácia this year! The same studio was responsible for the lighting part of the eco-renovation in our Casas in 2014. Anoche have come up with a new way to illuminate well […]

We love books; come and visit our library

We love books, and invite our guests to borrow our favourite novels and books about design, Barcelona and sustainability from our library (photo above). For more book spots in our city, check out The Observer’s “A bookworm’s tour of Barcelona’s librerías”! Among […]

Why Does Barcelona Have So Many Pickpockets?

Why Does Barcelona Have So Many Pickpockets? Interesting article! We warn our guests about pickpockets- they are clever, so all you have to do is be more clever!

A flat detector to report on illegal tourist apartments in Barcelona

Tourist apartments can be a problem in Barcelona, but mayor Ada Colau is working on solutions. This flat detector makes it easier for travellers and neighbours to find illegal apartments that create problems, and to report them. As a fully licensed business […]

Alcaldessa, a documentary about Barcelona’s new woman mayor

Alcaldessa is a documentary we went to see this week about our mayor, Ada Colau. It’s the same woman the Guardian wondered whether it is “the world’s most radical mayor”. We found the documentary very interesting and moving, even shed some tears! […]

Barcelona’s slave trade history revealed on new walking tour

Barcelona’s slave trade history revealed on new walking tour We love anything touristy that isn’t touristy! This new walking tour of places with a slave history in Barcelona is definitely not your typical route! We can’t wait to try it out!! Tours […]

15 amazing facts you need to know about La Sagrada Familia

We tend to send our guests to non-touristy, more authentic places in Barcelona, but, we also think that a trip to the Sagrada familia is necessary, now that it’s finished inside. So here are 15 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About […]

Hand-made flowerpots made in Barcelona

If you want to know more about these natural clay flowerpots, or rather “nests for plants”, check out (Bas). They are all hand-made in Barcelona by Xènia. Now available at yök, like all the eco-designs you find in our apartments.

Petite Passport’s new guide to Barcelona

It has arrived! Petite Passport’s new guide to Barcelona, now available at yök for 19,99€. Find the most beautiful restaurants, shops, and bars, as well as us inside!  

We protest against mass tourism

This afternoon we will hit the street and ask for a more sustainable tourism, instead of mass tourism for Barcelona! Quality rather than quantity. A new model that works for the citizens, not just big companies. We have to learn from cities […]

Park(ing) Day: more green spaces, less cars!

Once again we occupied a parking slot to manifest our wish for more green spaces and less cars in cities, especially Barcelona’s city center. Here some photos of this year’s spot in from of the Arc de Triomf, 5 minutes walk from […]

Barcelona’s Mayor to Tourists: Go Away

Great article about tourism in Barcelona via Bloomberg: Barcelona’s Mayor to Tourists: Go Away. We kind of agree; we believe that we need to focus on the quality of tourism in the city, instead of until now, the quantity! Why? See the Best […]