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yok Montgat singing fish auction

Visit Catalonia’s only remaining singing fish auction

We are excited to launch a new tour this season, to help our guests or any visitor experience a piece of the real Barcelona, away from the more touristy places. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to test the trip […]

CoopNet eco cleaning in Barcelona

CoopNet is on a mission: to dignify and professionalise green cleaning.

We would like to introduce you to our new cleaning staff: CoopNet. It has not been easy for us to find a cleaning service that shares our values because unfortunately it is a fact that the average cleaning company that serves the […]

yök visit fishermen port barcelona-visit

Visit Barcelona’s Fishing Port and Eat Slow Food

Last week we went to see a part of Barcelona that neither Mari, who was born and bred in Barcelona, nor Petz who has been living here since 2004, had seen properly: Barcelona’s fishing port, the Moll de Pescadors. This part of […]

yok barcelona new year 2018

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Visitors (and Locals) in Barcelona

After we reflected back on 2017 and shared out intentions for 2018, we also wanted to set some new year’s resolutions for both visitors and locals in Barcelona, to keep up the reasons to visit our city, make sure good business keeps […]

yok discount 30 % Casa B

4 reasons to visit yök and Barcelona during the low season

October is nearly over and with it the busy season. However, the sun also shines a lot in winter and there are more and more advantages to staying with us in Barcelona in the low season. 1. Get more for your money […]

triple bottom line: people, planet and profit

Let’s take Barcelona back through good business!

For us, (Mari, born and bred in Barcelona and Petz, in Barcelona since 2004), it is heartbreaking to see what is happening to Barcelona, our city. But there is hope, and we believe in one particular solution that could fix most of […]

How to be a responsible tourist in Barcelona

“Sustainability in tourism isn’t just about re-using that hotel towel a second day. It’s thinking deeply about how visitors get in and out of a destination while doing the least harm“, says Jason Clampet, co-founder of Skift who published a very interesting […]

Sant Juan and what to do in Barcelona

Like every year, we will celebrate Sant Juan on our rooftop terrace, #terrazayök, overlooking the city and the fireworks. We will also light a traditional bonfire so that everyone can write down their wishes for the future, and the things they want […]

Documentary about Catalan designer Miguel Milá

Tonight at 19:30h TVE Catalunya will show the documentary about Catalan designer Miguel Milá, by local filmmaker Poldo Pomés. For more information, read “Imprescindible el documental sobre el genio Miguel Milá” via diarioDISIGN and “Mira (y aprende con) el tráiler de Miguel Milà, la leyenda […]

Our lighting designer, Anoche, goes christmassy

We are excited to see Anoche’s christmas lights on Paseo de Grácia this year! The same studio was responsible for the lighting part of the eco-renovation in our Casas in 2014. Anoche have come up with a new way to illuminate well […]

Why Does Barcelona Have So Many Pickpockets?

Why Does Barcelona Have So Many Pickpockets? Interesting article! We warn our guests about pickpockets- they are clever, so all you have to do is be more clever!

A flat detector to report on illegal tourist apartments in Barcelona

Tourist apartments can be a problem in Barcelona, but mayor Ada Colau is working on solutions. This flat detector makes it easier for travellers and neighbours to find illegal apartments that create problems, and to report them. As a fully licensed business […]

Alcaldessa, a documentary about Barcelona’s new woman mayor

Alcaldessa is a documentary we went to see this week about our mayor, Ada Colau. It’s the same woman the Guardian wondered whether it is “the world’s most radical mayor”. We found the documentary very interesting and moving, even shed some tears! […]

Barcelona’s slave trade history revealed on new walking tour

Barcelona’s slave trade history revealed on new walking tour We love anything touristy that isn’t touristy! This new walking tour of places with a slave history in Barcelona is definitely not your typical route! We can’t wait to try it out!! Tours […]

15 amazing facts you need to know about La Sagrada Familia

We tend to send our guests to non-touristy, more authentic places in Barcelona, but, we also think that a trip to the Sagrada familia is necessary, now that it’s finished inside. So here are 15 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About […]