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Behomm, house swapping for creatives.

A great way to travel for creative minds! Swap your home with another designer or visual artist via Behomm. By invite only.

20 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Today we are feeling inspired, and the wanderlust! Check out these 21 amazing hotels you need to visit before you die.  


The Michelberger Hotel, Perfection and Memories.

“Perfection does not create memories, because memories only result from movement, from a lively experience of interaction with people, the surroundings and the atmosphere.” We are fans of the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, and we agree with what Tom says in the […]

Wine bottle awards by Katie Barcelona

Designer Katie Barcelona (also responsible for our logo and web site design), created these wine labels so we could award the people who helped us to start off yök! Best “joint” (millor xivatassu) goes to Gonzalo Milà Best connector goes to Toni […]

Not all souvenirs are kitsch!

Not every souvenir needs to be kitsch or trash. Designer Héctor Serrano together with young designers from Valencia proof this in VLC Souvenir. Above: Local Stamps by Noelia Muñoz. “Xè, valencianízate!” See all the products of VLC Souvenir via DiarioDesign.  

Hello Mr Rovira i Rabassa

This is Catalan architect Antoni Rovira i Rabassa (1845 – 1919) who, in 1869, designed the Art Nouveau building we are in. Correction (January 2014): It turns out that Mr Rovira i Rabassa is the architect of the building in front of ours.  

Cool hotel room service!

Cool room service idea! For guests staying in rooms with a kitchen, Affinia Hotels is now enabling its New York customers to order fresh groceries directly to their room. Via Springwise.  

La Marquina, design made in Barcelona

The Marquina family has just launched this Tribute to Rafael Marquina (1921-2013), the Catalan designer and architect responsible for the award-winning anti-drip oil recipient. Get inspired!  

Best Urban Hotels 2013: The shortlist

Impressive hotels… but don’t they all kind of look the same? Best Urban Hotels 2013: The shortlist. By Wallpaper.

Toilet Humor by Richard Branson

Putting up instructions for guests can be tricky. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, wrote an interesting piece on Toilet Humor which includes the following quote: “Please do not flush nappies, sanitary towels, old mobile phones, unpaid bills, your ex’s jumper, hopes, dreams […]

Fuck cars, cycle around Barcelona!

We think these #FuckCars socks by MBP are perfect to cycle around Barcelona! Get them at My Beautiful Parking.  

Technical and emotionally durable design

At yök, we will strive for technical and emotionally durable design! Read more about the latter on Triplepundit. “Emotionally durable design, then, needs to be so much more than just the creation of products that change or adapt, and maintain our empathy […]

Cool souvenirs made in Spain

These are the kind of things we want you to be able to find at yök; made in Spain and with a history. The muñecos de futbolín are original table football figurines, upcycled into fridge magnets. Alegría Industries works with the Spanish industry to […]

Small space storage idea: A Jar On the Wall

A simple idea! A Jar On the Wall by Aventurina (the House of Glass) in Can Fusteret.