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yok Montgat singing fish auction

Visit Catalonia’s only remaining singing fish auction

We are excited to launch a new tour this season, to help our guests or any visitor experience a piece of the real Barcelona, away from the more touristy places. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to test the trip […]

yök visit fishermen port barcelona-visit

Visit Barcelona’s Fishing Port and Eat Slow Food

Last week we went to see a part of Barcelona that neither Mari, who was born and bred in Barcelona, nor Petz who has been living here since 2004, had seen properly: Barcelona’s fishing port, the Moll de Pescadors. This part of […]

How to be a responsible tourist in Barcelona

“Sustainability in tourism isn’t just about re-using that hotel towel a second day. It’s thinking deeply about how visitors get in and out of a destination while doing the least harm“, says Jason Clampet, co-founder of Skift who published a very interesting […]

5 favourite places to have coffee in Barcelona

Tomorrow we celebrate the yearly Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival, where everyone who loves the beans gets together to share the culture of coffee. At yök we take pride in serving good coffee all year round. Our coffee comes roasted from Nømad Coffee, […]

How to make pan con tomate

The tomato season is still in full swing, so we suggest you start the day with a delicious pan con tomate! Preferably from our rooftop terrace :) The tomato season is still in full swing, so we suggest you start the day […]

Happy 2016, Year of the Pulses!

We designed this postcard to welcome 2016, the Year of the Pulses! Since pulses, or legumes, are a big part of the traditional Catalan cuisine, and we are all for sustainable agriculture, we have each pulse wish you something lovely for the new year! The […]

Cool, non-sad hotel minibars!

Although we prefer honesty bars, here are some cool examples of non-sad minibars by Tablet.  

Think. Eat. Save. Happy Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day! This year’s slogan is Think.Eat.Save., UNEP’s anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. This is equivalent […]

First carbon neural hotel is open!

The Alto Hotel in Melbourne is Australia’s first carbon neutral hotel. Read here about their other environmental initiatives.  

The Allotment grows its own food inside the hotel

Imagine a hotel that offers a culinary experience to guests by growing and cooking its food onsite in the city. This is the idea behind The Allotment by Dean Moran for the Tablet Rethink Hotels competition.  

Buy bulk in Barcelona, save resources!

In Barcelona, buying bulk is part of the city’s history, and visiting one of these historic shops is a unique olfactory experience. Buying bulk reduces transportation, packaging and food waste, and, now it also looks good! No need for individually wrapped portions, […]

5 things we only eat in hotels

So true! 5 things we only eat in hotels: Club Sandwich, Pringles, baked beans, Toblerone, and apples! According to Anabel Vázquez for Condé Nast Spain. (Hotels can be so boring!)  

Morro Fi vermuth kit made in Barcelona

In Barcelona we love a good vermut! Especially Morro Fi’s vermuth kit! Best souvenir ever ;) One bottle is designed by Marcel himself, the other by Martí Guixé.  

DIY bar at the Four Seasons Hotel

DIY makes it to 5-star hotels! At the Four Seasons you can now mix your own cocktail and decorate your cupcake. While this might be new in a place like the Four Seasons, I believe this goes back to the concept of Honesty […]

Dine With the Dutch matches guest and local

Want to get to know the real culture of a city? Then just have dinner at a local’s house! Dine With the Dutch matches visitors with locals that offer three-course dinners at their homes. This is a unique way to experience a […]