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Let’s protect our water my friend

In Barcelona, we are surrounded by water: on one side we have the Mediterranean sea, then the Besòs river to the north and the Llobregat river to the south. It doesn’t rain often, which makes the city very enjoyable, but on the […]

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A towel less: How psychologists harness sociability to cut waste

A towel less: How psychologists harness sociability to cut waste Hotel guests can be gently persuaded to reduce the number of towels they use each day, psychology researchers have found. With fewer towels to wash, this reduces the waste of water, energy […]

Happy World Tourism Day, and save water!

Happy World Tourism Day! 2013 is about celebrating and preserving water. Download the background paper Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future here.  

Reuse your hotel towel!

Reuse a towel! Fun message from the ACE Hotel in NYC. Founder: Alex Calderwood. Thanks Mette for the tip!  

Nano-treated bed linen save water

Nano-treated bed linens could save the average hotel more than 100 million liters of water per year. A great example of Biomimicry at work, learning from the Lotus plant how to clean without detergents. [Thanks dMASS for the tip!]  

Rulergy visualises hotel guests’ consumption

Pretty cool to visualise energy and water consumption plus CO2 emissions at all time in order to reduce them! Rulergy for Hotels… has anyone tried it?

Sand timer for hotel showers

Would you be smiling or annoyed if you found this in your hotel shower? by Hu2 design  

Stop water while using shampoo

Listen to the shampoo and save water in the shower. A nice awareness raising soap, perfect for hotels. Stop the water while using me.  

Expensive w+w toilet recycles water

Roca’s w+w sink and toilet in one saves water (but not space and materials!)… has anyone seen a more elegant and economic version of this?! 3000€ is a bit too pricey.  

Washlets, super clean and eco toilets!

Washlets… “clean is happy, green is happy”?! More about the japanese toilets on Wikipedia  

How to reduce water with a smart plughole

Neat idea to reduce water consumption by Roca. This plughole tells you how many litres of water run past it down the drain.