terms & conditions

yök Casa + Cultura is a project by No Som Hotel S.L. Please read our Terms and Conditions before you book. By booking, you automatically accept these Terms and Conditions.

Booking & Payment

When you book, you won’t have to pay until 7 days before your arrival, unless you want to take advantage of a 15% discount by selecting the non-refundable payment.

We confirm the booking with a confirmation email, containing all the necessary information.

Payments can be made by credit card, or upon special request, via bank transfer.

At the check-in, we pre-authorise your credit card to cover possible damages and any optional services you consume during your stay. Please see Deposit for more information.

Note that you must be 18 or older to make any kind of booking at No Som Hotel S.L..

We only accept payments in the local currency (€).

City Tax

Since April 2017, the Catalan Government is applying a tax on stays in tourist establishments of 4,40€ per person (aged 17 or older) per night for a maximum of 7 nights (10% VAT tax included). We will charge this upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made via email; we do not accept changes by phone or Skype.

We give a full refund if you cancel more than 7 days prior to the arrival date.

We consider changing the dates or apartment a new booking and so these changes will be subject to the cancellation procedures.

If, after finalising the booking and full payment, yök is unable to provide you with the apartment that you booked or, another accommodation with similar or better characteristics, you will be refunded 100% plus a compensation.


At the check-in, we pre-authorise your credit or debit card to cover possible damages (accidents like for example broken windows or wine stains), any optional services you consume during your stay (overstaying, additional breakfasts) and stuff from the larder or any products you buy from the apartment – remember, everything (except the beds!) is for sale!

By accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that any damages caused by you or your accompanying party will be deducted from the security deposit, and that you will also be liable for any excess damages.

For Apartment A + B, the deposit is 300€, and for Apartment C it is 400€. The amount will be blocked on your credit card upon arrival, and will be released 1 to 2 days after leaving the apartment if everything is ok.

We check all apartments for possible damages and missing things before your arrival. Therefore, you must let us know of any damage you might find in the apartment, even if you regard the damage as minimal or normal wear and tear or if you think the damage isn’t your fault.
If you fail to notify us of any such damage you will be fully responsible for such damage. Any charges for property damage will be charged to the credit or debit card you have authorised us to do so in case of a damage you have caused.

Arrival and Departure

Please make sure to provide us with your correct arrival time so that we can plan your check-in and receive you well. Mari and Petz will have your contact details and one of them will personally welcome you on the day of your arrival.

Please send us your flight number or call us when you arrive at the airport or 1 hour before arriving if you come by train or by car.

All apartments are available from 3pm. However, if you arrive earlier we will try to accommodate you before that.

If you are arriving after 19.00h, there is a check-in fee of 30€.

The check-out is at noon. If you need to stay longer, we will do our best to make it happen but this is subject to availability and to an additional charge:

Check-out until 15h: extra charge of 40€ Casa A + B), 80€ Casa C.
Check-out until 18h: extra charge of 80€ Casa A + B), 160€ Casa C.
Check-out after 18h: full night’s price.

Please note that we will do our best to suit everyone’s needs. For this it is extremely important for you to share your travel plans with us in advance.

When you leave, you should leave the apartment clean and tidy with all waste correctly disposed of. Please simply close the door behind you after making sure that you have all your personal belongings with you.

If you overstay by more than 1 hour, we reserve the right to enter in order to remove your belongings, change the key-code and take any necessary actions such as charge your credit or debit card for overstaying and any possible damages cased.

Apartment cleaning

We will of course leave the apartment spotless prior to your arrival.

Before leaving, you are obliged to leave the apartment in perfect conditions: all waste should be correctly disposed of in the recycling bins inside the apartments.

We only clean and tidy the apartment after your check-out. If you prefer us to clean the apartment and make the beds every day, please let us know as soon as possible so we can schedule it with the cleaning team.

Number and ID of guests

You must inform us of the number of guests in the booking.

We only allow the number of people indicated in the booking to enter the apartment. If you expect extra guests, please let us know so we can reach an alternative agreement.

Should you fail to comply with any of our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the apartment, without you request any form of compensation.

Good behaviour

We do not accept animals inside the apartments.

Smoking inside the apartments, even with the windows open, is not allowed. All the apartments have balconies where you can smoke using the provided ashtrays and not the street!

We do not allow loud music or parties in order not to upset our lovely neighbours who will probably have to get up early and go to work. Please respect their peace and quiet. If they complain and/or the police is called, you may be immediately asked to leave the apartment regardless of the time, day or night.

Be aware that by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are held responsible for the people who travel with you. If you, or the people that stay with you, behave in an incorrect manner, we reserve the right to ask you and your party to leave the apartment. Moreover, from that moment on you will have no right to any form of reimbursement, compensation or the deposit.

By booking an apartment with yök, you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions, which we expect you to comply with.


No Som Hotel S.L. will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused to the apartment as consequence of the use you give it. This includes damages, insurance, loss due to fire, theft, and misconduct.