Advantages of booking with us

Everybody is welcome!

What we offer during your stay?
• Feel-good factor- we are an eco-friendly project with social values (see our Manifesto)
• You can pop up to our rooftop terrace office during our working hours to refill your water bottles or get some books from our library or just to have a chat
• Someone nice to talk to and discuss the local culture. We help you find and book nice restaurants, taxis, etc. We give genuine advice, not based on commissions
• Complimentary filtered tap water (Barcelona’s tap water is not the nicest if you don’t filter it) in reusable glass bottles #zerowaste
• The space and privacy of a home with the service and quality of a good hotel
• Free high speed internet
A welcome surprise :)

For businesses:
Casa C is your own little hotel. Each of the 4 bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom.
• We can help you to organise your meetings or workshops. More details, please contact us: book@helloyok.com

For film shoots:
• Special contract and rates available for film shootings
• Exclusive facilities for film shoots, please contact us: book@helloyok.com