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yök is a project created and run by Petz and Mari.

Photo via Barcelonogy.


Petz Scholtus is the co-founder of yök, as well as an eco-designer and artist.

Hometown Luxembourg
In Barcelona since 2004, after London, Tanzania and the Netherlands.
Favourite place in Barcelona Palo Alto in Poblenou, where Mariscal has his studio.
Best food experience in town Bar del Pla for tapas, vermut at Morrofi and romantic dinner at Il Giardinetto.
Passionate about Good design, local food, sketching, urban life and nature, open air parties, Barcelona of course!
Languages English, Spanish, Catalan, Luxembourgish, German and French.


Mari Marañís Rodríguez is the co-founder of yök, as well as an expert in hotel management.

Hometown Barcelona, Spain
In Barcelona since always, less 1 year in Galway (Ireland) and 4 months in Paris.
Favourite place in Barcelona Any place with a stunning view of Barcelona: Bunker de Carmel, Carretera de les Aigües, Parc Güell or Sagrat Cor del Tibidabo.
Best food experience in town Restaurant Koy Shunka… amazing!!! I still cry when I remember it!!
Passionate about Hospitality quality, social responsibility, Barcelona, food, and traveling.
Languages Spanish, Catalan, Galician, English and French.


Our Front of House team:


Sandro and Ivana


Sandro Madeira Humann is, apart from Front of House at yök, tourist guide and co-founder of Barcelona Plan·it, as well as a yoga instructor.

Hometown Cologne, Germany, but raised in Brasil.
In Barcelona since 2016 after Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg.
Favourite place in Barcelona The Carretera de las Aigües and its views over Barcelona. Also the beach very early in the morning.
Best food experience in town Pla de la Garsa and their croquetas.
Passionate about Movements, being in the open air and eating well.
Languages Spanish, Portuguese, German, English, Italian and Catalan.



Ivana Oven is also a chocolate taster and zero-waste workshop facilitator.

Hometown Born in Argentina and grew up in Slovenia
In Barcelona since 2016
Favourite place in Barcelona Its streets! The feeling that every neighbourhood gives you a totally different experience, ambience, feeling,… as if you were walking in a different city and different era in history every few meters!
Best food experience in town For a real culinary-art experience I like Hidden Factory; for an innovative healthy dinner I like Flax&Kale and its interesting pizzas. I love tomatoes so I am happy with any good “pa amb tomaquet”.
Passionate about the origin of what we consume every day and its impact, especially the origin of chocolate and coffee. I also love to travel and learn about cultural differences.
Languages Spanish, Slovene, Italian, English.


yök is possible thanks to:

Katie BarcelonaGraphic Desing
CTTEAM & Covadonga Fernandez Cue – Construction
AnocheLighting design
RenòwattEnergy solutions
IquadratWeb programmers
Astral NatureFabulous 100% natural beds, made in Catalonia
Fontini, Font Barcelona, ECO by Cosentino, Arrels Fundació, Curro Claret, AOO,  Santa & ColeFaro Barcelona, rené + que electrodomèsticsProducts & furniture
El Safareig Eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk
Cítrics El Plà 100% natural shower gel
Bosques SosteniblesCO2 Offset
Sentits BarcelonaLocal wines
Enculturarte, Barcelona Plan-itCultural events & tours
Patricia Bozyk (2013), Ariadna Rubio (2014), Marcelo Cannarsa (2014), Laura Laporta (2015), Gerard Bretau (2015), Miquel Solé Ruiz (2016) and Katrien Fabry / @katrienfabry
(2018) – our fabulous interns

Our partners:

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