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Klein, Shiva, Eidenbenz and Calle – some of our favourite women

Happy International Women’s Day! Here are some women we truly admire!


Mari: Elizabeth Eidenbenz was a teacher, nurse and founder of the Mothers of Elne (also known as Maternitat d’Elna in Catalan). Between 1939 and 1944, she saved some 600 children who were mostly the children of Spanish Republicans, Jewish refugees and gypsies fleeing the Nazi invasion. [Top left photo via L’Indépendant. ]

And last year I discovered the French artist Sophie Calle. What truly fascinated me was her way of looking at beauty and the intimacy of people. [Bottom right photo: self portrait via Jaque al Arte]


Petz: I had the pleasure to assist at a conference where eco-activist Vandana Shiva was giving a speech years ago, and loved the way she talks to her audience, in a positive, encouraging, funny and motivating way. [Bottom left photo via Seed Freedom]
​If I could nominate someone for president, it would be Naomi Klein! I was so taken by her last book “This Changes Everything” that I even sent a copy to Pablo Iglesias and his team from the political party Podemos, asking them to read it and then send it on to Ada Colau, who since then has become the mayor of Barcelona! [Top right photo]


Who would you like to say “well done and happy women’s day” today?