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yok rooftop Barcelona

We are temporary closed for short stays

Dear guests, friends & family, We hope this finds you well. Since the #StayHome lock-down at the beginning of the year, we have been trying to keep our doors open since July despite the current Covid19 pandemia but unfortunately we are forced […]

flower pot by Bas Barcelona

6 non-touristy souvenirs made in Spain

We don’t tend to encourage our guests to do a lot of shopping, but because occasionally someone wants to take a gift back home or treat themselves to something special from Barcelona, we decided to sell some of the things we have […]

yok Perchok Barcelona design

The Perchök, social design made in Barcelona

We are launching our first product this month, the Perchök. It is a hanger for people who have a wall to install it on, made by people who experienced homelessness. Having a purpose and feeling useful is crucial to leaving life on […]

yök library barcelona books

Why we don’t have a TV

Maybe once a year we receive guests that are surprised that we do not have a TV in our apartments (even though we don’t say we do). And, recently we were invited by Airbnb to join the Airbnb Plus programme under the […]

maria riot yok barcelona

Ethical porn with Erika Lust at yök

What a year it has been since the last International Women’s Day! There have been too many (or not enough!?) issues regarding women’s rights in the news, especially with the birth of the #MeToo movement in October. This tiny hashtag managed to give a […]

Looking back: our Casas by photographer Carme Masià

When Mari and Petz found the space that is now yök Casa + Cultura in 2013, it was pretty much as it had been built in the year 1900, although covered in a think layer of history and dust. The different textures […]

Rooms designed to get a good night’s sleep

Our guests’ sleep is very important for us at yök because we know that getting a good night’s sleep in hotel beds can be tricky. We invested a great deal into making the bedrooms super comfy and healthy: fat, luxury mattresses, made […]

yök Casa + Cultura is III

Three years ago, on July 28th 2014, we had our first guests stay at yök. A lovely family from Ireland and a charming couple from Denmark. Since then, much has happened in our Casas as well as the city we are in. […]

New flowerpots by Bas in the house!

Thanks Bas Barcelona, we love these locally hand-made nests for plants. Come and get yours, or just enjoy them during your next stay.

Fresh photos by Tanya Khvorostiana

Here are some lovely photos of yök and us, Mari and Petz, by Tanya Khvorostiana (the girl with the cup in the bottom photo :)

Hand-made flowerpots made in Barcelona

If you want to know more about these natural clay flowerpots, or rather “nests for plants”, check out (Bas). They are all hand-made in Barcelona by Xènia. Now available at yök, like all the eco-designs you find in our apartments.

Utopia is no Silliness – the story of our picture

Here is the story of how “La Utopía no es una Tontería” (Utopia is no Silliness) ended up at yök! Basically, Petz and her partner found the huge picture in the street, on a summer evening in the Gótico! They didn’t think much about […]

Short film about yök By Pedro Azevedo Dias

This is a short film and personal project by Pedro Azevedo Dias who had complete artistic liberty in the making of this piece, filmed between 2013 and 2015. It is an interview with local photographer Benjamin Julve about his relationship with our […]

Sunny Design Days at yök!

Here are some photos from the Sunny Design Days we had at yök, organised by RED.

Lucirmas upcycled lamp in Casa B

Lucirmás and Nutcreatives‘ La Flor Lamp is now hanging over the dining table in Casa B. Casa B is our smallest rental apartment but still very spacious for four people. The Flor Lamp is made from an upcycled wine bottle in the […]