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Why we don’t have a TV

Maybe once a year we receive guests that are surprised that we do not have a TV in our apartments (even though we don’t say we do). And, recently we were invited by Airbnb to join the Airbnb Plus programme under the condition that we added TVs to our apartments. We thought about it and decided against it, because frankly, who wants to watch TV when in Barcelona?


In case you want to have a night in and watch a film or the news, our high speed internet gives you access to that and more. To be honest, Spanish TV is not very interesting for visitors and we think it might be nice to take a break once in a while, right?


We have a few alternatives though in case you want to stay in and take full advantage of your stay with us, or if you have to because you travel with small kids or, heaven forbid, you feel unwell or too tired to go out.


One alternative to TV is good old games! We have playing cards available for guests, as well as a Parchís board game. In fact, we are located right within the Triángulo Friqui (or Geek Triangle) of Barcelona; a few streets in which you can find most of the city’s shops that sell board games, role plays and video games, as well as Japanese merchandising, toys, comics and science fiction books. Here is the map of the freak zone:


However for books you don’t necessarily have to leave yök. We have a library with books on topics such as Barcelona, design and sustainability, as well as all kinds of novels. Gusts are welcome to borrow any books they like.


If you desire yet more entertainment, why not have our sommelier Cristina do a private wine tasting in the casa, or get Olga to give you some yoga classes while you are here? For more details, please visit our private events page.


Lastly, there is plenty of well-selected local organic wine in each kitchen cupboard, as well as artisanal beer and biodynamic apple juice! We can assure you that you won’t be bored, despite there not being a TV in our apartments.