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flower pot by Bas Barcelona

6 non-touristy souvenirs made in Spain

We don’t tend to encourage our guests to do a lot of shopping, but because occasionally someone wants to take a gift back home or treat themselves to something special from Barcelona, we decided to sell some of the things we have […]

The Wallery wallpaper made in Barcelona

In case we will be left with a boring wall, we would love to have a mural by the Barcelonian start-up The Wallery! Their unusual wallpaper is long-lasting (20 years), PVC-free and made from FSC-certified paper.  

Happy wild 2013!

by Iratxe López de Munín  

Upcycled art from the streets of Barcelona

Barcelona-based graphic and motion designer Aleix Abellanet does interesting collages using illustrations found on cardboard boxes in the street. This is one way to bring the street into hotels and promote upcycling…  

Barcelona painting

Impressive painting of Barcelona as seen from Montjuic. yorokobumag via View of Barcelona from Montjuic hill

Awareness raising poster art

Here’s another nice poster I think guests would appreciate. Check out Poster Cabaret for more inspiring and awareness raising art works like this one or this one.  

Monocole’s print of the Perfect Hotel

We like Monocle’s limited edition print of the Perfect Hotel by Japanese illustrator Satoshi Hashimoto, although we don’t agree on everything…  

Enzo Mari’s Barcelona Manifesto

Enzo Mari’s Barcelona Manifesto from 1999 should still be followed by designers; now more than ever! “Barcelona Manifesto The utopizing tension of the origins of design must be recovered. If this is the allegory of a possible transformation, then it should reach […]

Good things come to those…

Also a very fun poster to have in a hotel (or office). We agree with this!  

Hotel poster ideas

Cool poster for any hotel wall! By Green Patriot Posters.

Infographic: Do not disturb campaign

Very cool infographic! “In the US, hotels create 1.9 billion lbs of waste each year, enough to fill 37 million suitcases” To see all the facts, visit the Do not disturb campaign!  

If you are racist, don’t come in!

Can I put this on the hotel’s entrance door?! Via The Real Art of Street Art  

Barcelona taxi ilustration

This is very Barcelona! (although bicycles are even better than taxis!) cool designs by Barcelonés  

Victor Papanek’s flowchart

I love this fantastic flow-chart of what people really need by Victor Papenek (one of my gurus!) from his book Design for the Real World  

Yes to local food!

Local food, good for people, planet and profit! We love local food and are spoilt for choice in Catalonia.