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Zero Waste, let’s embrace the challenge!

Zero Waste is a philosophy quite a few restaurants and other businesses have recently embraced in Barcelona. Its concept is easy: avoid any trash going to landfill or incinerators. For this to put into practise we have to make sure that all […]

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Eco-renovation, Construmat and the Drift House!

The 20th edition of Construmat takes place next week in Barcelona. It’s great to see that there are 2 entire days dedicated to Social Housing (May 23rd, see you there!) and the Circular Economy (May 26th). Moreover, Construmat aims for Zero Waste […]

A greener way to travel: the environmental impacts of home sharing

Check it out: A greener way to travel: the environmental impacts of home sharing by Airbnb. In Europe alone, Airbnb guests use 78 percent less energy than hotel guests – that’s enough energy to power 68,000 homes for one year. With an […]

(down)cycling old walls and preserving for the future

At yök Casa + Cultura’s eco-renovation, recyclability is one of the key factors. Even though we didn’t want to throw anything away, some of the original partition walls had to go in order to fit the distribution to our current lives, creating smaller apartments with […]

Ray Anderson, a great inspiration!

Here’s a message from a very inspirational man, Ray Anderson, the radical industrialist who climbed mount sustainability. We recommend his book “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose -Doing Business by Respecting the Earth”. Watch his TED talk “The business logic […]

Technical and emotionally durable design

At yök, we will strive for technical and emotionally durable design! Read more about the latter on Triplepundit. “Emotionally durable design, then, needs to be so much more than just the creation of products that change or adapt, and maintain our empathy […]

Small space storage idea: A Jar On the Wall

A simple idea! A Jar On the Wall by Aventurina (the House of Glass) in Can Fusteret.  

Think. Eat. Save. Happy Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day! This year’s slogan is Think.Eat.Save., UNEP’s anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. This is equivalent […]

Upcycled PET Lamp Project

Not everything needs to be local all the time. Here is the amazing PET Lamp Project all the way from Colombia, dealing with the problem of plastic waste, the disappearing of an ancient artisan textile craft and refugees from the guerilla war, […]

First carbon neural hotel is open!

The Alto Hotel in Melbourne is Australia’s first carbon neutral hotel. Read here about their other environmental initiatives.  

Upcycled old drawers

We like the upcycled furniture by Reborn Recraft Atelier in the Born (Barcelona). Old drawers have plenty of after-life possibilities, like the Cojonuda Table by Pöko Design.  

More wood floor per forest!

Here’s a wooden flooring that offers more floors per forest by respecting the trees’ natural curves. Bolefloor uses FSC certified wood and saves natural resources through its optimising technology. And it looks good! Thanks Dmass for the tip!  

Buy bulk in Barcelona, save resources!

In Barcelona, buying bulk is part of the city’s history, and visiting one of these historic shops is a unique olfactory experience. Buying bulk reduces transportation, packaging and food waste, and, now it also looks good! No need for individually wrapped portions, […]

The Soap Flake Dispenser

The Soap Flake Dispenser lets you enjoy bars of soap in a comfortable way and has a reduced impact on the environment compared to liquid soap. Today, most of the soap we use is liquid soap, which contains a lot of water. Block soap […]

What happens to those little hotel shampoo bottles?

What Happens To Those Little Hotel Shampoo Bottles? We believe that eliminating the use of small shampoo bottles and installing soap dispensers is not only the eco-friendliest solution, but also the most comfortable one. And bars of soap still have the lesser environmental impact […]