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water conscious barcelona sustainability

Let’s protect our water my friend

In Barcelona, we are surrounded by water: on one side we have the Mediterranean sea, then the Besòs river to the north and the Llobregat river to the south. It doesn’t rain often, which makes the city very enjoyable, but on the […]

yok washbasins eco-friendly

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the eco-friendliest of them washbasins?

I would like to share with you our reasoning behind choosing the sinks for our bathrooms at yök Casa + Cultura. The ninth point of our manifesto explains our criteria quite well: 9. Apply good design (useful, beautiful, fun, detailed, eco-friendly, functional, affordable, long-lasting, honest, […]

Gallery acts as Bed & Breakfast

Jewelry and product designer Sofie Lachaert runs a gallery in Tielrode, Belgium, specialising in vintage and modern pieces. The gallery also has two guest rooms that she runs as a bed and breakfast. Go to Remodelista for a full photo report of this unique interior […]

Reuse your hotel towel!

Reuse a towel! Fun message from the ACE Hotel in NYC. Founder: Alex Calderwood. Thanks Mette for the tip!  

Classic Barcelona apartment renovated

Here’s a beautiful renovation of a classic Barcelona apartment from 1910 where the traditional elements have been respected by its designers Anna and Eugeni Bach. For more information visit diarioDESIGN.  

Stop The Water While Using Me

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME are very cool refillable, all natural bodycare products for hotels. They say: The average hotel guest uses up to 1,000 litres of water a day, or around ten times more than the average household, exceeding the […]

Hotel bathroom mat serves as slippers

Originally designed by Droog for dirty hotel bathroom floors, we think this is still a cool mat, even for clean hotels! Also check out Hotel Droog.  

The Soap Flake Dispenser

The Soap Flake Dispenser lets you enjoy bars of soap in a comfortable way and has a reduced impact on the environment compared to liquid soap. Today, most of the soap we use is liquid soap, which contains a lot of water. Block soap […]

What happens to those little hotel shampoo bottles?

What Happens To Those Little Hotel Shampoo Bottles? We believe that eliminating the use of small shampoo bottles and installing soap dispensers is not only the eco-friendliest solution, but also the most comfortable one. And bars of soap still have the lesser environmental impact […]

Clean the World hotel soap

Clean the World partners with hotels to take leftover soap and shampoo, transform them into new bars of soap and deliver them to places where soap is unavailable.  

Multifunctional water pipe design

Cool way of making use of the pipes and hence saving materials!  

Hotel soap cut to measure

Get a piece of soap instead of individual small soap containers at hotels! Soap bars use less packaging and transportation than liquid soap. At Mexico’s Viceroy Riviera Maya you get a piece of locally-made soap of your taste hand-cut by the ‘soap concierge’.

Sand timer for hotel showers

Would you be smiling or annoyed if you found this in your hotel shower? by Hu2 design  

Expensive w+w toilet recycles water

Roca’s w+w sink and toilet in one saves water (but not space and materials!)… has anyone seen a more elegant and economic version of this?! 3000€ is a bit too pricey.  

Washlets, super clean and eco toilets!

Washlets… “clean is happy, green is happy”?! More about the japanese toilets on Wikipedia