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We plant trees to offset all our Co2 emissions from 2019

People, Planet & Profit. The three P’s, also knowns as the Triple Bottom Line. That’s our mantra and we repeat it every single day. Finding balance between these three parts is hard, but they guide us and give us incredible learnings.   […]


Yök Casa+Cultura has been awarded by Biosphere

THE ECO-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION IS THE FUTURE Last December, as the result of six years of conscious work, we were awarded the Biosphere Barcelona standard for Commitment to Sustainable Tourism along with other ten hotels from town. This international recognition by the Responsible […]

Sunrise Swim Bogatell Barcelona

Slow places around Barcelona by DESconnect

After bumping into Jutta Hübener at various sustainable tourism related events over the last few years, we decided it is time to get to know the German online marketing expert and her mission better. Jutta is the founder of DESconnect, a travel […]

water conscious barcelona sustainability

Let’s protect our water my friend

In Barcelona, we are surrounded by water: on one side we have the Mediterranean sea, then the Besòs river to the north and the Llobregat river to the south. It doesn’t rain often, which makes the city very enjoyable, but on the […]

Off the beaten track in Barcelona

Certain places in Barcelona suffer from mass tourist. But Barcelona is also more than la Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas. So, the new plan is to divide tourists amongst more places in the city. One such place is Horta-Guinardó, also known as […]

Valldaura Lab, self-sufficient in Barcelona

A while ago we visited Valldaura self sufficient lab, a project by the IaaC. This magical place in Collserola, a mountain range of Barcelona, is a great inspiration to anyone interested in learning from nature, becoming self sufficient, permaculture and knowledge sharing. […]

Impressive vertical gardens in hotels

Green walls look great and improve the air quality. Here some impressive vertical gardens in hotels around the world by Traveler.es.  

Hotelier Eric Goode saves tortoises

Another examplary hotelier is Eric Goode who, apart from owning fabulous hotels like The Maritime, has made it his mission to save the plowshare tortoise. His Manhattan apartment and business partner Sean McPherson are also worth checking out!  

Nano-treated bed linen save water

Nano-treated bed linens could save the average hotel more than 100 million liters of water per year. A great example of Biomimicry at work, learning from the Lotus plant how to clean without detergents. [Thanks dMASS for the tip!]  

Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC has bees on its roof!

The Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC has bees on its roof! I wonder if we can do the same in Barcelona… save the bees and at the same time have fresh honey for our guests?!  

Bee hives on hotel buildings

Imagine bee hives on the roof of the hotel building… like a hotel for bees! If they can do honey in Hong Kong, why not Barcelona? Bees need protection!

Green walls for Barcelona

We need more green walls! Nice to see vertical gardens popping up in Barcelona, like the ones at Jean Nouvel’s Fábrica de Moritz, Skunkfunk and Replay’s store!  

Veg flower pot, made in Spain

Nice pot by Joan Rojeski that grows with your veggies, and it’s locally produced in Spain.