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Eco-renovation, Construmat and the Drift House!

The 20th edition of Construmat takes place next week in Barcelona. It’s great to see that there are 2 entire days dedicated to Social Housing (May 23rd, see you there!) and the Circular Economy (May 26th). Moreover, Construmat aims for Zero Waste […]

15 amazing facts you need to know about La Sagrada Familia

We tend to send our guests to non-touristy, more authentic places in Barcelona, but, we also think that a trip to the Sagrada familia is necessary, now that it’s finished inside. So here are 15 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About […]

Short film about yök By Pedro Azevedo Dias

This is a short film and personal project by Pedro Azevedo Dias who had complete artistic liberty in the making of this piece, filmed between 2013 and 2015. It is an interview with local photographer Benjamin Julve about his relationship with our […]

The history of our building on c/Trafalgar 39

Vicente de la Fuente, expert in Modernismo/Art Nouveau, finally found out who the architect of our building is. It was done in 1900 by Antonio Costa i Guardiola (not Antonio Rovira i Rabassa as we initially thought). You can read the full history of […]

Barcelona apartment design by Nook

We love the way Nook architects have renovated this old apartment in the barrio Gótico, respecting the old tiles and the textures of the walls for the new layout. More about the project on Dezeen and DiarioDesign (in spanish). If you like this style, […]

A+ certified low-VOC drywalls by Knauf

Drywalls have in the past often been criticised for being “cheap”, nondurable or flimsy, and bad for your health. So we tried to find another solution to divide up the different apartments and rooms for yök Casa + Cultura. Most of the ideas we […]

This is our floorplan!

This is our plan! 3 spacious apartments with “modernismo” floors and ceilings, typical “Eixample” balconies, and locally made furniture. Follow the #ecorenovation online and come and stay with us this summer!  

Valldaura Lab, self-sufficient in Barcelona

A while ago we visited Valldaura self sufficient lab, a project by the IaaC. This magical place in Collserola, a mountain range of Barcelona, is a great inspiration to anyone interested in learning from nature, becoming self sufficient, permaculture and knowledge sharing. […]

Casa Bloc, tourism of the beaten track in Barcelona

Last week we visited Apartment 1/11 of Casa Bloc in St Andreu, Barcelona. We recommend this trip to anyone interested in Barcelona’s history, architecture and design. You need to book in advance vie the DHUB. Casa Bloc is a residential building built […]

Open Plan, social interaction in hotels

Open Plan by Andre Pradiktha is the community prize winner for Tablet’s Rethink Hotels competition to design a new concept that would maximize the hotel’s potential as a site for social interaction. It is all about creating hotels for travelers and locals […]

Huts as hotel rooms in the middle of the city

The Hüttenpalast in Berlin is an old vacuum factory filled with vintage caravans and wooden huts that serve as hotel rooms. We love the idea and wonder how this would be possible in Barcelona and make it past the current regulations… Watch […]

More wood floor per forest!

Here’s a wooden flooring that offers more floors per forest by respecting the trees’ natural curves. Bolefloor uses FSC certified wood and saves natural resources through its optimising technology. And it looks good! Thanks Dmass for the tip!  

Impressive vertical gardens in hotels

Green walls look great and improve the air quality. Here some impressive vertical gardens in hotels around the world by Traveler.es.  

RIP Oscar Niemeyer

RIP Oscar Niemeyer. During your 104 years of life you sure left us with better design and architecture. Let’s all keep working towards general happiness! christianvivanco: Architecture was my way of expressing my ideals: to be simple, to create a world equal […]