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Sketching session with artist Lapin on our rooftop terrace

Illustrator Lapin came with Urban Sketchers Barcelona and the Inky Fingers to sketch for a day on our terrace and Casas! His piece of our marble staircase is now featured in the book “modernisme, beyond gaudi“. Here some photos of the workshop:

The history of c/Trafalgar 39

Joan Palau just published an extensive analysis about the history of the building we are in in c/Trafalgar 39. Built in 1900 by the constructor José Padró and architect Antoni Costa i Guardiola, the building is full of catalan Modernism features. For […]

4 days to go – mosaic floors forever!

Each of our rooms has a different floor pattern! Original 1900 mosaic flooring, now completely restored and shining.

19 days to go – Catalan Modernism

Come live under gorgeous high ceilings from 1900, catalan modernism style!  

The history of our building on c/Trafalgar 39

Vicente de la Fuente, expert in Modernismo/Art Nouveau, finally found out who the architect of our building is. It was done in 1900 by Antonio Costa i Guardiola (not Antonio Rovira i Rabassa as we initially thought). You can read the full history of […]

Look & feel of our spaces

These renders by Marcelo Cannarsa  will give you an idea what the spaces will look like when we finish eco-renovating.

Eco-renovation in Barcelona!

Starting today, I have the pleasure to document our eco-renovation on Treehugger. Our project is called yök Casa + Cultura, and is situated in the center of Barcelona, Spain. Casa stands for eco-friendly tourist accommodation and Cultura reflects the true local culture in Barcelona, not that of tourists. yök […]

Careful with the antique tiles!

And so it begins, very carefully! Here we had to open up the floor to fix a structural beam underneath. The mosaic floor was taken off and put back piece by piece.  

Etched glass dating back to 1900

Researching where the etched glass comes from in our Casas!  

Some early photos of our mosaic floor

The whole floor is covered in “suelo Nolla”, mosaic tiles from 1900.  

Before we eco-renovate…

Here some wonderful photos by Benjamin Julve!  

Untouched for quite a few years!

This is what our spaces looked like when we found them.  

Hello Mr Rovira i Rabassa

This is Catalan architect Antoni Rovira i Rabassa (1845 – 1919) who, in 1869, designed the Art Nouveau building we are in. Correction (January 2014): It turns out that Mr Rovira i Rabassa is the architect of the building in front of ours.