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Looking back: our Casas by photographer Carme Masià

When Mari and Petz found the space that is now yök Casa + Cultura in 2013, it was pretty much as it had been built in the year 1900, although covered in a think layer of history and dust. The different textures […]

Barcelona’s slave trade history revealed on new walking tour

Barcelona’s slave trade history revealed on new walking tour We love anything touristy that isn’t touristy! This new walking tour of places with a slave history in Barcelona is definitely not your typical route! We can’t wait to try it out!! Tours […]

The history of our building on c/Trafalgar 39

Vicente de la Fuente, expert in Modernismo/Art Nouveau, finally found out who the architect of our building is. It was done in 1900 by Antonio Costa i Guardiola (not Antonio Rovira i Rabassa as we initially thought). You can read the full history of […]

Barcelona around 1900

Researching Barcelona around 1900! Thank you Benjamin Julve for this precious book! You can now find it in our library!  

Etched glass dating back to 1900

Researching where the etched glass comes from in our Casas!  

Some early photos of our mosaic floor

The whole floor is covered in “suelo Nolla”, mosaic tiles from 1900.  

A Barcelona guide of things long gone.

Check out the blog “Vestigos de Barcelona”, a guide of urban ruins, memories of the city and signs that show things that are long gone. Discover stories like that of the unusual clock above, from the Banca Rosés and the former Banco […]

Hello Mr Rovira i Rabassa

This is Catalan architect Antoni Rovira i Rabassa (1845 – 1919) who, in 1869, designed the Art Nouveau building we are in. Correction (January 2014): It turns out that Mr Rovira i Rabassa is the architect of the building in front of ours.  

The Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe

Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona chair, 1950ies. If you can’t find sustainably-made furniture, go second hand/vintage! There’s plenty of stuff out there; who needs more?  

Casa Bloc, tourism of the beaten track in Barcelona

Last week we visited Apartment 1/11 of Casa Bloc in St Andreu, Barcelona. We recommend this trip to anyone interested in Barcelona’s history, architecture and design. You need to book in advance vie the DHUB. Casa Bloc is a residential building built […]