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Casa Bloc, tourism of the beaten track in Barcelona

Last week we visited Apartment 1/11 of Casa Bloc in St Andreu, Barcelona. We recommend this trip to anyone interested in Barcelona’s history, architecture and design. You need to book in advance vie the DHUB.

Casa Bloc is a residential building built between 1932 and 1936 by architectsJosep Lluís Sert,  Josep Torres Clavé and Joan Baptista Subirana, all members of GATCPAC. The creation of Casa Bloc was one of the first steps towards dignifying workers’s living conditions. As a result of the Civil war, the project was cut short.

Now, after a careful restoration by the Institut Català del Sòl  and Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, through the Disseny Hub Barcelona, the doors to apartment number 1/11 are open and furnished just as its creators had originally wanted.