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Looking back: our Casas by photographer Carme Masià

When Mari and Petz found the space that is now yök Casa + Cultura in 2013, it was pretty much as it had been built in the year 1900, although covered in a think layer of history and dust. The different textures and faded colours, as well as the light peeping in through broken blinds, gave the spaces a unique atmosphere. A somewhat romantic and a little nostalgic feeling lingered around the rooms, accessible through too many wooden white doors. At the same time, it was very inspiring and offered many possibilities to create some wonderful new spaces. It was clear that some of this had to make way to more enjoyable, brighter and especially cleaner rooms. Luckily for us, photogapher Carme Masià paid us a visit and managed to capture the past before we started with the eco-renovation in 2014.

Carme, born in Girona, has called Barcelona her home since 1989, after five years in New York as an artist in residence. She does her own work, and also specialises in interiors and products for local design companies like Santa & Cole or Teixidors (two local design companies we really like). The photo below hangs in Casa A because it shows the space before it was turned into the 2 bedrooms. We particularly like the “phantom” on the wall; the shadow of a previous mirror or picture frame that hung in between the two sliding balcony doors.

Photo by Carme Masià

The photo at the top features the chimney in the main dining room. This space had to be divided up to make room for two new living rooms. The left part of the space, including the chimney, can be found in Casa C, whereas the right side is now part of the kitchen/living room of Casa A. We did not dare to move the marble piece for fear it would break, and therefore simply built the wall on top of it. The side of the chimney is therefore embedded in the wall and can be seen next to the kitchen of Casa A, and the chimney stays safe and sound where it has been since 1900:

Photo by Carlos Barruz

Last but not least we leave you with two portraits: one of Carme Masià herself when she came to document the spaces, and another one by her of Petz and Mari. If you like Carme’s work, please contact her directly: masia.martorell@gmail.com. Carme is one of the rare creatives who enjoys life without a web site or social network!

Photo by Carme Masià

Photo by Petz

Please also view Pedro Azevedo Dias’s video story of our space before and after eco-renovating.