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Looking back: our Casas by photographer Carme Masià

When Mari and Petz found the space that is now yök Casa + Cultura in 2013, it was pretty much as it had been built in the year 1900, although covered in a think layer of history and dust. The different textures […]

4 days to go – mosaic floors forever!

Each of our rooms has a different floor pattern! Original 1900 mosaic flooring, now completely restored and shining.

11 days to go – 100-year-old carpintery

Enjoy some lush original 1900 carpentry! Fully restored and insulating to save energy and block street noise.

12 days to go – let’s co-create!

We will co-create experiences by involving the local like-minded businesses and communities! Fem barri!! #eixample #elborn #santpere #laribera

19 days to go – Catalan Modernism

Come live under gorgeous high ceilings from 1900, catalan modernism style!  

The history of our building on c/Trafalgar 39

Vicente de la Fuente, expert in Modernismo/Art Nouveau, finally found out who the architect of our building is. It was done in 1900 by Antonio Costa i Guardiola (not Antonio Rovira i Rabassa as we initially thought). You can read the full history of […]

Design in Barcelona’s Eixample district.

Another classic apartment in the Eixample neighbourhood, recently renovated by Gustau Gili Galfetti. More information and photos via diarioDESIGN  

Before we eco-renovate…

Here some wonderful photos by Benjamin Julve!  

Untouched for quite a few years!

This is what our spaces looked like when we found them.