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Looking back: our Casas by photographer Carme Masià

When Mari and Petz found the space that is now yök Casa + Cultura in 2013, it was pretty much as it had been built in the year 1900, although covered in a think layer of history and dust. The different textures […]

Short film about yök By Pedro Azevedo Dias

This is a short film and personal project by Pedro Azevedo Dias who had complete artistic liberty in the making of this piece, filmed between 2013 and 2015. It is an interview with local photographer Benjamin Julve about his relationship with our […]

Before and After Photos of the eco-renovation

Here are some before-and-after photos of our 3 Casas. The building dates back to the year 1900 and the space we renovated had not been changed much since then. Here you can read about what we did and do to make our […]

Instagram reposts of our casas

Here some of our favourite Instagram reposts from guests and visitors. Follow @yokbarcelona.

A day in the eco-renovation of yök

A day in the eco-renovation. Photo by azulcemento: #ubiquography #photooftheday #iphonesia #iphonesia #igers #ig_barcelona #ig_andalucia #webstagram #statigram #yokbarcelona #architecture #building #buildings #bcn #bw bnw_madrid #bwzgz #blackandwhite #monochrome #bnw_shots

Some photos from our eco-renovation

Our green renovation is in full swing! Here some glimpses:

Mapping the flow of people in Barcelona

A cool map by Eric Fischer, mapping the flow of tourists and locals in Barcelona (and other cities), via their uploads of photos on Flickr. Blue pictures are by locals. Red pictures are by tourists. Yellow pictures might be by either.  

Before we eco-renovate…

Here some wonderful photos by Benjamin Julve!  

Untouched for quite a few years!

This is what our spaces looked like when we found them.