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Documentary about Catalan designer Miguel Milá

Tonight at 19:30h TVE Catalunya will show the documentary about Catalan designer Miguel Milá, by local filmmaker Poldo Pomés. For more information, read “Imprescindible el documental sobre el genio Miguel Milá” via diarioDISIGN and “Mira (y aprende con) el tráiler de Miguel Milà, la leyenda […]

Jordi Évole from Salvados interviews Naomi Klein.

Jordi Évole from Salvados interviewed Naomi Klein. Brilliant, please watch this! Naomi Klein: “España es un ejemplo claro de cómo la lógica de la austeridad es un ataque a la gente y al planeta”“Con el impuesto al sol están penalizando a los […]

Demain, a film about positive change

Here is another movie we highly recommend! Unlike many doomsday films, Demain shows real solutions regarding climate change, agriculture, education, energy, democracy and many other subjects our society needs to tackle. 

Alcaldessa, a documentary about Barcelona’s new woman mayor

Alcaldessa is a documentary we went to see this week about our mayor, Ada Colau. It’s the same woman the Guardian wondered whether it is “the world’s most radical mayor”. We found the documentary very interesting and moving, even shed some tears! […]

TV3 is filming in our Casa C

Have a look inside our Casa C where Anna Guitart is presenting her favourite books for Tria33 for TV3 (in Catalan).

The making Off of Pedro Azevedo’s video about yök

Here is Pedro Azevedo Dias’ story of the making off his video about photographer Benjamin Julve’s vision of our space. “In the beginning it was definitely very spooky to be inside but as soon as I started to film it, I became […]

Short film about yök By Pedro Azevedo Dias

This is a short film and personal project by Pedro Azevedo Dias who had complete artistic liberty in the making of this piece, filmed between 2013 and 2015. It is an interview with local photographer Benjamin Julve about his relationship with our […]