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Ethical porn with Erika Lust at yök

What a year it has been since the last International Women’s Day! There have been too many (or not enough!?) issues regarding women’s rights in the news, especially with the birth of the #MeToo movement in October. This tiny hashtag managed to give a […]

primavera sound festival barcelona

Music we listen to from and in Barcelona

If you notice more than the usual amount of hipsters in Barcelona this month, it’s because of Primavera Sound Festival this week, followed a couple of weeks later by Sonar. So we think this is a good opportunity to tell you about […]

Our little guests left us a note!

Check out these lovely drawings from our small guests Chiara and Alicia from Switzerland. The top one is us, Mari and Petz, and below the whole family and us, their hosts. So cute!

What happens to the recycling in Barcelona?

Have you ever thought about what happens to the recycling when it leaves our Casas? And why Cava bottles should be taken to the Punto Verde recycling point instead of the glass container? What happens to lightbulbs? Until the rest of the […]

The making Off of Pedro Azevedo’s video about yök

Here is Pedro Azevedo Dias’ story of the making off his video about photographer Benjamin Julve’s vision of our space. “In the beginning it was definitely very spooky to be inside but as soon as I started to film it, I became […]

Utopia is no Silliness – the story of our picture

Here is the story of how “La Utopía no es una Tontería” (Utopia is no Silliness) ended up at yök! Basically, Petz and her partner found the huge picture in the street, on a summer evening in the Gótico! They didn’t think much about […]

Sketching session with artist Lapin on our rooftop terrace

Illustrator Lapin came with Urban Sketchers Barcelona and the Inky Fingers to sketch for a day on our terrace and Casas! His piece of our marble staircase is now featured in the book “modernisme, beyond gaudi“. Here some photos of the workshop:

Homage to Mosaic

We dedicated this month to our over 100-year-old mosaic floors and the work of local artist José Antonio González Robles. José exhibited his “100 birds” and worked on one of his mosaics at yök for a few weeks.

Amércia Sánchez and the Club del Dibujo at yök

Artist and friend América Sánchez came with the Club del Dibujo to do a drawing session at yök. Here some of the results!

Our space before eco-renovating

Sneak preview… Thank you Benjamin Julve! azulcemento: @yokbarcelona de @petzdelux y @maranis #ubiquography #photooftheday #iphonesia #iphonesia #igers #webstagram #statigram #architecture #building #buildings #bcn #bw #blackandwhite #monocrome #construyendobiencomun

Room Portraits by Menno Aden

A cool way to show apartment layouts! More via Room Portraits  

How could we get tourists to explore more than the historic centre?

Martí Guixé asks: How could we get tourists to explore more than the historic centre? Artist TOFA suggest going to the darkest place in the city and play with light! Very cool!! Check out the project via Bettery Magazine. (Thanks Gustavo for […]

A walk from Barceloneta to the Olympic Village in Barcelona

Check out Extra! Estudio’s illustrations about a walk from Barceloneta to the Olympic Village by Iñigo Jerez. It shows the more touristy Barcelona. (To see the whole series, visit Extra! Estudio and go to the project “BCN 24h, un passeig per la Barceloneta i […]

Tourist Walk, tourism in Barcelona documented

Tourist Walk is Marc Javierre’s photographic documentary of mass tourism in Barcelona. While some photos might seem funny, it shows the sad truth of irresponsible tourism in the city. We hope that showing this phenomenon inspires more people to do something against […]

Chupa chups logo designed by Salvador Dalí

Here’s a photo of one of Salvador Dalí’s masterpieces: the logo of the Catalan lollipop Chupa Chups! Read the full story via Fast Company The lollipop has even made it into the MoMA collection!