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Tasty remodelling at the Mercer Hotel Barcelona

It seems the Mercer Hotel Barcelona managed to nicely preserve history and its roman walls while at the same time adding a touch of new without over-designing the place. Often designers and architects spoil what’s there by adding too many modern features […]

Barcelona apartment by Eque y Seta

Check out this renovated Barcelona apartment by Eque y Seta; a refreshing mix of old and new while respecting the original elements and traditions. Beautiful hydraulic floor, lots of reclaimed as well as natural materials and a clever distribution that allows for […]

Snoozebox, a portable hotel

Buildings are complicated, so why not have portable hotels? Snoozebox delivers rooms made out of shipping containers wherever needed…  

Green walls for Barcelona

We need more green walls! Nice to see vertical gardens popping up in Barcelona, like the ones at Jean Nouvel’s Fábrica de Moritz, Skunkfunk and Replay’s store!  

R3project upcycled kitchen

The R3project, an eco-renovation in Barcelona

The R3project is Petz’s renovation of her eco-flat in Barcelona in 2006. This project is what inspired and motivated her to create a hotel project a few years later, when she decided she did not want to create more things. As an […]