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Yök Casa+Cultura has been awarded by Biosphere


Last December, as the result of six years of conscious work, we were awarded the Biosphere Barcelona standard for Commitment to Sustainable Tourism along with other ten hotels from town. This international recognition by the Responsible Tourism Institute is based on the United Nation’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it’s just the beginning of a big conscious community in Barcelona.


Image: Ajuntament de Barcelona


The new year brings us incredible, positive energy. Biosphere is awarded to stakeholders who are committed to responsible and environmentally-friendly management, to culture, to decent working conditions, to gender equality and to social and economic benefits. Based on requirements, such as efficient use of resources, social inclusion or environmental protection, among others.



Image: Eco-reforma. Fotografía del antes por Benjamin Julve y del después por Hector Ges.


Since we started this project, we have been serious about sustainability, design and the true Barcelona. We believe that things can be done in a different way. That is why our eco-designed apartments were renovated in 2014 respecting their history: conserving the original Catalan modernism features and according to sustainable design criteria. As Mari (co-founder) says, “We just pretend to show how different the accommodation industry can be. We are a small company, but with big people working every day to make it happen”.


This philosophy is in line with the city of Barcelona as a green capital. The City Council is focused on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals to be a cultural, eco-friendly, sustainable, inclusive and committed city. Clap! Clap!


In the last few years, more and more citizens are pushing governments and institutions to take action against climate change. Social movements like Fridays for Future have given us hope and have made us feel so proud of the next generations. As a consequence, more and more travelers are opting for tourism that has a positive impact on the city, which is respectful to the local population, the environment and makes efficient use of resources. 


Image: Mika Baumeister

We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to all our amazing guests that travel in a sustainable way. And for those who never have been at yök Casa + Cultura: we will be waiting for you with arms wide open! 


Now, we are ready to celebrate our sixth anniversary in 2020. We will keep working and betting on a better future because there is no Planet B.