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A greener way to travel: the environmental impacts of home sharing

Check it out: A greener way to travel: the environmental impacts of home sharing by Airbnb. In Europe alone, Airbnb guests use 78 percent less energy than hotel guests – that’s enough energy to power 68,000 homes for one year. With an […]

Energy efficient homes we want

With the help of Xavier Mor from Renòwatt energy solutions, we were able to decide on the best systems for heating water and heating and cooling the space, while maintaing a small CO2 footprint. More information soon!  

Stay cool in Barcelona without AC

It is hot in Barcelona, and yet, you can stay cool without AC (to save money and the planet)! Check out How to Stay Cool via Treehugger, and Keeping Cool Without AC: 8 Simple Tips via The Daily Green.  

Reuse your hotel towel!

Reuse a towel! Fun message from the ACE Hotel in NYC. Founder: Alex Calderwood. Thanks Mette for the tip!  

First carbon neural hotel is open!

The Alto Hotel in Melbourne is Australia’s first carbon neutral hotel. Read here about their other environmental initiatives.  

Overview of Energy Use and Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Here some ideas to save energy: An Overview of Energy Use and Energy Efficiency Opportunities, and also check out Energy Star’s guidelines for hotels.

Pedal-powered hotel TV

Here’s a pedal-powered TV from a hotel room at Cottage Lodge in the UK! I guess that also eliminates the gym…  

Rulergy visualises hotel guests’ consumption

Pretty cool to visualise energy and water consumption plus CO2 emissions at all time in order to reduce them! Rulergy for Hotels… has anyone tried it?

Infographic: Do not disturb campaign

Very cool infographic! “In the US, hotels create 1.9 billion lbs of waste each year, enough to fill 37 million suitcases” To see all the facts, visit the Do not disturb campaign!