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Clean the World hotel soap

Clean the World partners with hotels to take leftover soap and shampoo, transform them into new bars of soap and deliver them to places where soap is unavailable.  

Second hand designs are a win win

Second hand rocks! Less resources, less waste, more personality, more stories.  

Hotel soap cut to measure

Get a piece of soap instead of individual small soap containers at hotels! Soap bars use less packaging and transportation than liquid soap. At Mexico’s Viceroy Riviera Maya you get a piece of locally-made soap of your taste hand-cut by the ‘soap concierge’.

Hotel uses reusable jars to serve jam

A great way to reduce waste at the hotel breakfast table without sacrificing comfort: refillable glass containers as seen at Casa Camper in Berlin!  

Infographic: Do not disturb campaign

Very cool infographic! “In the US, hotels create 1.9 billion lbs of waste each year, enough to fill 37 million suitcases” To see all the facts, visit the Do not disturb campaign!  

Micro-Algae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree

Wow! Can we have one of these lamps? Barcelona does emit a lot of CO2 and is lacking some trees… is this a solution? This Micro-Algae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree!