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Mari travel kayak

How we travel. Mari loves to discover new landscapes and food

With our guests we often talk about places we have travelled to or would like to visit. In the previous article we spoke to Petz who likes to go offline and connect with locals. Mari loves to see new places and meet its people, try out different foods and share experiences with her family & friends. Some of her top trips so far have been Turquey, Cuba​ ​and Ir​e​land.​ Paris​ ​is the city where she has fond memories from having lived there.​ ​Whenever she can, she goes and gets lost in the​ ​Ribeira Sacra to enjoy some reflective time surrounded by nature​ and its beauty. ​​

How would you describe your way of travelling?

I describe my way in one word: sponge! I like to discover and try new flavours, and enjoy landscapes that are new to me.

What was the last trip you did and why?

My last trip was to Mexico; specifically to Holbox, Tulum and the Valle de Guadalupe (Ensenada). It was a gift from my sister to celebrate my birthday with our family (I know, what a gift, right?), and the first trip of my nephew Oriol who was only just 5 months old (and he behaved very well). As part of this holiday I visited Ensenada, to see the new home of our friends Katie and Gustavo. Amongst the many goodies of the valley was “civiche de callos de hacha” (scallop ceviche), octopous and “chocolata del “Gordito””; just devine! I can’t wait to visit our friends again when their B&B Hola Baja opens!

Mari travelling mexico
Mari in Chichén Itzá, Yucatán​, ​Mexico ​

What is important for you when you travel?

Just travelling in itself. It is my way to get out of my comfort zone. I love to expose myself to new things; that’s how I learn stuff. It helps me to reflect and to improve my creativity. Through being in contact with different cultures, languages and people, I see how others live, think, and in general, have different views than me.

I really love to discover and try new flavours and smells, especially when it comes to food and wine. Although I have to admit I am not a fan of spicy food!

What do you find very annoying when on a trip?

Having to go through security checks at the airport! It is really necessary to prepare beforehand and know what to take onboard and what not. The challenge is to travel as light as possible, especially in winter (or to cold places). Also important is to pack the suitcase in a way that they don’t have to go through all your stuff at the airport.

Mari travels kayak

What are the top 3 destinations on your bucket list?

• Japan for Hanami
• Cape Town and the Kruger Park to discover its flora and fauna
• Petz’s familiy’s farm in Luxembourg, to eat her mum’s patés and pair it with a bottle of local Riesling, selected by her farther.

Tell us about one memorable moment…

It is a very recent one, from my trip to Mexico in February. I started the day of my birthday snorkeling in an open cenote, and then went kayaking in the Biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an (Tulum). Paddling through labyrinth of mangroves, through the antique comercial routes, in tranquil waters of the Caapechen lagoon and especially seeing the sunset surrounded by nature was a gift I will never forget. Thank you Yucatan Outdoors!


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