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yok restore funiture upholstery sofa

Long live our sofa thanks to the upholsterer

This is Rocio, the wonderful upholsterer and furniture restorer from across the street from us in El Born. Thanks to her, the sofa in Casa A is nice and soft again. Apologies to all our guests who sat a little hard the last few weeks. We first thought of buying a new sofa that fits our eco criteria: locally made from eco-friendly materials or second hand. It also had to have the right size, fit through the door, look good in the space next to Marc Morro’s furniture (AOO), and be within our budget. Luckily we dind’t find one, which lead to the idea of restoring the one we have instead of chucking it out! Reuse, reduce recycle all the way. If you have some furniture to restore, don’t hesitate to give Rocio a call: 686 907 477.

Casa A living room

Buying second hand furniture and restoring and caring for the pieces you already own is a very effective way to reduce waste. Think about it: making for example a new sofa requires a lot of resources: the materials to make the piece, as well as the energy and packaging to transport it. And at some point, this product too reaches the end of its life. By giving furniture a longer life, we don’t only safe money, but also valuable resources.

So next time you are looking for a new sofa, check on Wallapop, visit markets like Encantes or Mercantic, or go to shops like Inventory near us, Antic Beauty or Vintage Room.