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ivana ethical shopping

New yök team member: Ivana Oven

Ivana, born in Buenos Aires, moved to Barcelona in 2016 from Slovenia where she lived for 15 years. She shares our passion for this amazing mediterranean city and is somewhat an expert when it comes to ethical shopping (not necessarily a contradiction in terms) in Barcelona. We met Ivana at a meeting about sustainable tourism and after a 2h interview decided that she fitted right into our project.

Ivana is now our masteress of housekeeping. All the little details that go unnoticed when done correctly, are thanks to her eagle eyes and organisational skills, as well as her working side by side our fabulous cleaning team with social values.

Ivana spends half her working hours at yök, and the other half developing her personal project FLOR. FLOR offers workshops and tours around the city, for everyone interested in responsible consumption (fair trade, local, zero waste, etc.) and Barcelona’s independent shops. The tours are fun as you get to try coffee from SlowMov, organic oils and cosmetics as well as chocolates and eco-friendly cleaning products. You can follow FLOR on Facebook and Instagram as @florconsumoetico.

So, now yök is run and managed by 3 women, not counting our cleaning staff which is also female. We like it that way! Check out a previous blog post to find out who our favourite women are.


Note: As of September this year, Ivana is unfortunately not working with us anymore. We are however looking forward to following her personal projects.