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yok barcelona closed apartment


Dear followers, friends and family,

Due to the Coronavirus, we have been forced to put our business on hold until further notice. We are still reachable via phone and email and we have decided not to spend any more time on social networks and invite you to do the same.

We have joined the #StayHome movement and are determined to make the best out of it.

Let’s take some time to meditate, read books, cook healthy food (it is important to keep our immune system up), skype with our loved ones, do yoga, take an online course, paint, knit, offer our help to neighbours and most of all keep breathing, feel our body, give thanks and let’s do not give in to fear.

We even decided to take some drastic measures regarding social media. This is something we have always been tempted to do, but never had the guts to do out of fear of the social network platforms “punishing us” for not being active enough. Today we decided to follow our gut and only use the platforms to share our values and philosophy in a way that is enough for people to understand who we are and only say something when we really feel that it is important. We feel saturated and overloaded with online messages, even more so these days when we are supposed to stay calm, reflect and look after each other.

The Coronavirus has given us the clarity to realise that we don’t really care about likes or followers, and want to stop being a slave to the platforms. From now on we will use social media as we please, and not as suggested by “everyone else”.

As for anyone in the hospitality industry, this is a tough time and, as a small independent business, we need to reflect and use all our creativity to see how we can best survive this. The current uncertainty is difficult for everyone and we already have had to take some difficult decisions. Nevertheless, we are determined to look after ourselves and others, and we will be back with more energy as soon as possible.

Take care,
Petz and Mari