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Park(ing) Day: more green spaces, less cars!

Once again we occupied a parking slot to manifest our wish for more green spaces and less cars in cities, especially Barcelona’s city center. Here some photos of this year’s spot in from of the Arc de Triomf, 5 minutes walk from […]

Park(ing) Day 2014; less cars more green spaces!

We participated in this year’s Park(ing) Day. Together with our neighbours, we occupied the parking slot in front of the Arc de Triomf! Everyone brought plants in the morning to fill the space, and picked them up again in the evening. Together […]

Happy Earth Day 2014!

Since 1970, the 22nd of April is Earth Day! 2014 is the year of Green Cities; let’s celebrate and act!! Image above: Pogo. More info: Earth Day / Wikipedia, Día de la Tierra Barcelona.