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La Marquina, design made in Barcelona

The Marquina family has just launched this Tribute to Rafael Marquina (1921-2013), the Catalan designer and architect responsible for the award-winning anti-drip oil recipient. Get inspired!  

Happy World Tourism Day, and save water!

Happy World Tourism Day! 2013 is about celebrating and preserving water. Download the background paper Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future here.  

How Do We ‘Hardwire’ Sustainability Into Business?

How Do We ‘Hardwire’ Sustainability Into Business? by Daniel Aronson   “While there are myriad perspectives on sustainability and corporate responsibility, each with its own unique value, I often find myself focusing on sustainability’s operational aspects: What can we do to increase the […]

Best Urban Hotels 2013: The shortlist

Impressive hotels… but don’t they all kind of look the same? Best Urban Hotels 2013: The shortlist. By Wallpaper.

Toilet Humor by Richard Branson

Putting up instructions for guests can be tricky. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, wrote an interesting piece on Toilet Humor which includes the following quote: “Please do not flush nappies, sanitary towels, old mobile phones, unpaid bills, your ex’s jumper, hopes, dreams […]

Ray Anderson, a great inspiration!

Here’s a message from a very inspirational man, Ray Anderson, the radical industrialist who climbed mount sustainability. We recommend his book “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose -Doing Business by Respecting the Earth”. Watch his TED talk “The business logic […]

4 Keys To Turning Customers Into Brand Evangelists 

4 Keys To Turning Customers Into Brand Evangelists by SmartDesign: “People are why you’re in business. 1. Be personal: Why does your product matter to users? 2. Be smart: Develop loyalty 3. Be exciting: Never stop evolving 4. Be yourself: Don’t overlook your […]

The UK Government’s Design Principles

Start with needs* Do less Design with data Do the hard work to make it simple Iterate. Then iterate again. Build for inclusion Understand context Build digital services, not websites Be consistent, not uniform Make things open: it makes things better For […]

MySuites in NYC

We like what the guys at MySuites in NYC are doing! Their boutique suites and ’enhance your stay’ options and the fact that everything is for sale! Very cool ;)  

10 Hotels for the social traveler

Here is Tablet’s list of 10 hotels for the social traveler. Their lobbies, lounges and other social spaces are great for bringing people together.  

Plan A Sustainability Report by M&S

The Top 8 Things We Learned from Marks & Spencer’s 2013 Plan A Report. An excellent summary and inspirational to apply to your own business!  

Aircruise, a hydropowered floating hotel

This morning, Chris Sherwin from Seymourpowell showed their Aircruise – a clipper in the clouds in a presentation during the EcoDesign Day at the Barcelona Design Week 2013. It is basically a hydropowered floating hotel! Here, slow is the new fast and it is not about […]

Philosophy of the Less by Philippe Starck

We couldn’t agree more! That is why Petz decided to not produce more things but instead design for the service industry. The first service. a hotel (or non-hotel!).

Why travellers prefer short-term apartment rentals over hotels

Oasis Collections latest info-graphic shows a variety of advantages to staying in a short term apartment rental instead of a hotel. That’s why at yök we want to offer you a ‘casa’, not just a hotel room…

Alemanys5, a stunning apartment rental in Girona

Check out Alemanys 5, a beautiful sixteenth century building in the center of Girona’s medieval quarter that has recently been converted into a very attractive rental option by architect Anna Noguera. Its recent restoration integrates old and new, with sober, clean lines that celebrate essential […]