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yok christmas apartment barcelona

2017 at yök, and what we plan to do now.

2017 has been a challenging year. In between mass tourism, a terrorist attack on the Ramblas and the political turmoil due to the independence movement, we welcomed many interesting guests from all over with whom we could discuss these and many other […]

Our manifesto is written on the wall

We are preparing for the Sneak peek event! Also check out our wallpaper idea.  

#10 Be social

#10, our last point, is about having our antennas out to listen and to connect! It’s about you and us and about creating a community. The Ace Hotel does a good job with their project Thinking Cap and so does the FAD’s Xarxa […]

#9 Good design

#9 is about good design, also know as sustainable design! It is about applying common sense mixed with creativity. Here are some excellent examples: Beds by Coco-mat, W+W water-saving toilet, the TMM lamp, locally produced seats by Guillem Ferran, the Marquina oil […]

#8 Size matters

#8 is about us wanting to create a “non-hotel”. We want to be the right size to be able to adjust and co-create with our guests on a very personal level. Others who manage this well are Plus One in Berlin, MySuites […]

#7 People, Planet + Profit

#7 When it comes to doing business, we believe in the triple bottom line; the 3Ps (People, Planet + Profit). Some businesses who got this right are Teixidors, the PET Lamp Project and Clean The World.  

#6 More than an eco project

#6 We want people to come to us because they love it, not (only) because we are eco-friendly. Cool and green is possible: In the bathroom of the Ave Hotel in NYC, the space-saving bike parking in the hall of the W Hotel […]

#5 Transparent Green

#5 is about achieving sustainability through creativity, and, being honest about it to avoid greenwashing. This is based on David Bergman’s article “Transparent green” (2006): [The green] is just transparent; it’s not there unless you’re looking for it. It’s Transparent Green. Here’s […]

#4 Go slow

#4 Let’s go slow and independent. Let’s support local businesses and link to all those in Barcelona who believe in making our city more human, eco-friendlier and (even more) fun! We are thinking of businesses like Casa Mariol, Taxi Ecològic, Morrofi, Bar Centric, […]

#3 Celebrate different cultures

#3: celebrate different cultures, not just our own. We would for example like to hold international bean salad competitions and have everyone travel the world with a Global Citizen passport …  

#2 Be a social hub

#2 is about creating a space for people by people. In that we look up to the lobby of the Ace Hotel and we like the Open Plan by Andre Pradiktha!  

#1 Reflect the real Barcelona

During august we will publish the yök Manifesto, starting today! Special thanks to Alfons Cornella for pushing us to do this and the Manifesto Project for providing the necessary inspiration. #1 is about celebrating the real Barcelona in order to fight the […]

Dieter Ram’s Principles of Good Design

I couldn’t agree more with Dieter Ram’s 10 Principles of Good Design. Still valid, many years later!