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15 days to go – share your culture!

We invite guests to bring and share their culture because everyone is a local somewhere. In exchange, we make Barcelona’s culture more accessible to everyone who cares!

#10 Be social

#10, our last point, is about having our antennas out to listen and to connect! It’s about you and us and about creating a community. The Ace Hotel does a good job with their project Thinking Cap and so does the FAD’s Xarxa […]

A Barcelona audio guide by Petz

Here is an audio tour, designed and narrated by Petz Scholtus for PocketGuide. You can download the App and the tour via PocketGuide/yokbarcelona.  

#3 Celebrate different cultures

#3: celebrate different cultures, not just our own. We would for example like to hold international bean salad competitions and have everyone travel the world with a Global Citizen passport …