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Upcycled stools by designer Curro Claret and Arrels Fundació

A couple of years ago I came across Catalan designer Curro Claret’s upcycled shop design for Camper, fabricated by former homeless people. So when we needed 16 bedside tables for yök Casa + Cultura, we called Curro Claret, and he got to work, together with the guys from Arrels Fundació. Here is the result!

Claret’s metal joint allows for many designs according to the reclaimed material they found in the street. In the workshop, Aurelio, José Luis and Valerio then combined, cut, polished and assembled recovered pieces of furniture to turn those scrap materials into beautiful bedside tables and stools.

Since 1987, Arrels Fundació has been helping homeless people in the city of Barcelona. Up until now, they have accompanied over 8.000 homeless people in their path towards work, autonomy, offering them housing, meals, social attention and health care.

Pieces of wood with a second life

With a simple piece of metal, wood picked up from the street and a desire to create and transform, since 2010 a group of homeless people construct stools, lamps and other pieces of furniture. The project has won awards; however, until now, the most important recognition has been a collaboration with the company Camper to decorate one of its shops with the furniture.

Photos by Juan Lemus

The original article was published on Treehugger.com.