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What does yök mean?

Ever wondered where yök comes from?

yök, written “lloc“ but pronounced the same, means “place” or “location” in Catalan.

It also stands as a metaphor for yolk- the center of things, where the energy is, and a binder of ingredients.

The two dots mark the link to Petz’s previous brand, Pöko Design.

Since we created the brand yök, other meanings have popped up:

yok = yeah + ok (according to the Urban Dictionary– tongue in cheek)

yok = non-Jewish boy or man (Yiddish, יוק in Hebrew)

yok = there isn’t, there aren’t (Turkish)

yok = disgusting (Finnish)

yok = farms on Menorca (written “lloc”)

ka yok = our universe (Mayan)

yok sh’ mosh =  simple phonetic phrase (as heard in the movie “Borat”!) that sounds just like “how are you” in in Slovak (eastern dialect). The t-shirt designer Christianson’s grandmother and grandfather used this expression, which may be a mishmash of Slovak (Ako sa mash) and Polish.

Let us know if you know any other meanings!

And read this funny article: Word of the Day / YokA handy term to cut someone short may have gotten its start with the hapless Ottoman navy.