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4 reasons to visit yök and Barcelona during the low season

October is nearly over and with it the busy season. However, the sun also shines a lot in winter and there are more and more advantages to staying with us in Barcelona in the low season.

1. Get more for your money

This might be the obvious advantage to travelling off-seasons in general; anything from flights to hotel rooms are cheaper. To stay competitive and fair, our prices drop up to 30% from the high season, but the quality doesn’t go down a bit.

2. Enjoy more space and more romanticism

Although more and more people choose to travel off-peak, there are still less people everywhere in the city, which makes it easier to be able to book apartment rentals, restaurants and events for the days you desire. It is also far more enjoyable to wander through nearly empty streets, making it that much easier to get great Instagram shots! Follow @yokbarcelona to see what we are up to.

yok catalan wine barcelona

3. An excuse for churros and chocolate

The slightly lower temperatures are the perfect excuse to dip some churros into hot chocolate, or simply stay homey in one of our Casas and sip a local red wine from our larder with one of Mari’s favourite cheeses; a Torta del Casar from the Fromatgeria Simó.

4. Meet more relaxed locals, and enjoy better-dressed-people-watching
tourists barcelona
Image via “11 Fashion Faux Pas You’ll Only Find in Barcelona” from the Culture Trip.

During low-season it is much easier to live like a local, and in fact, meet locals. Natives are hanging out in their favourite restaurants again, like Petz, who takes advantage of being able to pop in to one of her favourite places like Bar del Pla, more spontaneously. At the same time, we, Mari and Petz, are even more available to hang out with our guests on the rooftop terrace or over a Catalan breakfast in the mornings. Last but not least, as temperatures drop, there are fewer “naked” people walking the streets of the city; everyone is pretty well dressed and flip-flops only come out occasionally.

Bonus track

Due to the current political situation in Catalonia, you might get to experience a casserolada (pot-banging) in the streets and from balconies in the evenings, usually from 22h to 22.15h, or, a (peaceful) march, or mani as the locals call it. These are great opportunities to start conversations with locals and learn about the Catalan and Spanish culture and the different opinions this wonderful city houses.