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How we travel. Petz goes offline and likes meeting locals

One topic that often comes up when we chat to our guests on our terrace, is travelling. So we thought we share with you how we travel when we are not greeting guests at yök. We start with Petz, who loves travelling to Southeast Asia (photo above) although feels guilty for flying despite her yearly offset. She also enjoys visiting local places on the train such as northern Cataluña and the Costa Brava, the South of France, as well as cities in northern Europe. She’s a regular in Berlin and London (where she used to live before moving South), and of course her home country, Luxembourg.

How would you describe your way of travelling?

I would say somewhat adventures and off the beaten track. With a small piece of luggage that has wheels but can also be carried on my back if there is no pavement. I love going to exotic places to discover different cultures, landscapes and foods. A few years ago I decided to start covering less distance and instead get to know places more thoroughly. I usually travel with my husband, Sergio. I always take a sketchbook and try to draw rather than take quick photos.Petz drawing travelling

What was the last trip you did and why?

In January I was in Cameroon in West Africa, to visit my aunt who has been living there pretty much all her life. It was an amazing experience and thanks to the contacts of my aunt, we really connected with the local people and got to know places we would probably not have been able to experience by ourselves. The country is not really prepared for tourism which has its up and downsides.

What is important for you when you travel?

I try to make sure I can fully disconnect (including going offline) and really get to know the local culture by talking to people, especially taxi drivers and food and market vendors. I like to lean things on the way and get new perspectives about the world and often about myself.

What do you find very annoying when on a trip?

When I get myself into an unsafe situation or have someone trying to take me for a fool.

petz scholtus travel
Petz on Mount Fako, Cameroon

What are the top 3 destinations on your bucket list?

• Japan and/or Korea, especially to live the tea culture and for the food.
• Mexico, where our friend Katie Barcelona (she did our logo based on Dalí’s design for Chupa-Chups), and Gustavo Perez are setting up a very promising B&B called Hola Baja!
• Places that disappear, like the Maldives or the Glaciers of Alaska (sorry, that makes 4)

Tell us about one memorable moment…

Connecting with nature is always memorable in a very special way. I love seeing animals (anything from gorillas to birds) in their natural habitat, and in Cuba we saw the smallest bird in the world, the Bee Hummingbird. I remember the moment very well. A highlight was also reaching the top of Mount Cameroon (4085m, photo above) after a 2 day hike through rainforest, savanna and lava fields, thanks to the amazing guide Hans from Climate Pro.

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