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Bees on top of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Here is my report for Treehugger about assisting at the honey harvest of the roof of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC! If beekeeping can be done in Hong Kong and NYC, why not Barcelona?  

Cool Beans, local food contest

This would be a great event to do at our hotel in Barcelona as in Catalonia it’s all about mongetes and faves! killtherecipe: cool beans @kinfolkstudios with compass green august 26th. details here. illos @lucyengelman

Strong brand for Catalan food

Fun packaging and tasty products from the Catalan Mediterranean by Espinaler. Every hotel should promote local food!  

Hotel uses reusable jars to serve jam

A great way to reduce waste at the hotel breakfast table without sacrificing comfort: refillable glass containers as seen at Casa Camper in Berlin!  

presso eco coffee machine

Presso man-powered eco coffee machine

What if you got to use your own energy to make your espresso at the hotel? Would you be up for a little ritual? Presso is a non-electrical coffee maker that is also fully repairable, love it!

A culinary landscape for hotels?

I can only imagine the cooking classes and local food tasting sessions we could have around this culinary landscape at the hotel…  

Honesty bars instead of minibars in hotels

“An honesty bar is an unattended beverage bar, typically in the lobby or lounge of a hotel, where payment is left to the guest.” Wikipedia. Honesty bars instead of mini-bars; go social! Image via Pinterest.

Yes to local food!

Local food, good for people, planet and profit! We love local food and are spoilt for choice in Catalonia.  

Outòcton by LaVinyeta, cool local eggs

Aren’t these the coolest eggs?! Outòcton by LaVinyeta from the Empordà region. La Vinyeta is a wine cellar who care about their land and produce a whole eco-system of organic produce from wines to eggs.