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The Marquina, a Catalan design classic

The Marquina oil/vinegar recipient that does not drip or stain, is another classic Catalan design we’d like to see at our hotel. By Rafael Marquina, 1961.  

Seats made in Spain by Guillem Ferran

More fun, locally produced sustainable furniture from Spain we’d like to see in our hotel. These seats are by Barcelona designer Guillem Ferran, and made in Valencia.

Made in Spain: Fontal by Oscar Tusquets Blancs

Good furniture from Spain is what we want at the hotel… here’s a chair: Fontal by Oscar Tusquets Blancs!  

Milá’s TMM Lamp turns 50!

We want to keep the interiors local and long-lasting, so what better lamp than Barcelona designer Miguel Milá’s TMM Lamp that just turned 50?!  

interview petz scholtus

Interview with eco-designer Petz Scholtus

Here’s Petz’s view on eco-design and its role in Spain at the moment, as told to Monográfica magazine in 2011. Entrevista a Petz Scholtus from Monográfica.org on Vimeo.

Veg flower pot, made in Spain

Nice pot by Joan Rojeski that grows with your veggies, and it’s locally produced in Spain.  

Expensive w+w toilet recycles water

Roca’s w+w sink and toilet in one saves water (but not space and materials!)… has anyone seen a more elegant and economic version of this?! 3000€ is a bit too pricey.