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15 amazing facts you need to know about La Sagrada Familia

We tend to send our guests to non-touristy, more authentic places in Barcelona, but, we also think that a trip to the Sagrada familia is necessary, now that it’s finished inside. So here are 15 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About […]

We protest against mass tourism

This afternoon we will hit the street and ask for a more sustainable tourism, instead of mass tourism for Barcelona! Quality rather than quantity. A new model that works for the citizens, not just big companies. We have to learn from cities […]

Barcelona’s Mayor to Tourists: Go Away

Great article about tourism in Barcelona via Bloomberg: Barcelona’s Mayor to Tourists: Go Away. We kind of agree; we believe that we need to focus on the quality of tourism in the city, instead of until now, the quantity! Why? See the Best […]

Tourism in Barcelona and how to go about it!

Quo Vadis Barcelona? is a great article (in Catalan) about tourism in Barcelona, past and future, with ideas to save our city from becoming unliveable for locals. Nobody goes there any more, it’s too crowded is another article by The Economist regarding […]

La Barcelona banal and tourism

Great article from El País about (mass) tourism in Barcelona: La Barcelona banal. In Catalan.

This is the Very Best Way to Experience a Foreign City

Check out Nancy Mitchell’s This is the Very Best Way to Experience a Foreign City. A wonderful article which we fully agree on. “The whole point of travel is to experience something different, right? So why do so many vacations wind up […]

Upcycled cardboard furniture, VOC-free paint and sustainable tourism

Here is the last article about yök for TreeHugger. After having written about the VOC-free drywalls, tips on energy saving, the PVC-free piping, our reclaimed bathroom sinks, the natural wood fibre wall insulation, bathrooms and kitchens, beds, our office, and some of our furniture, I would like to mention a few more materials […]

Don’t be a tourist!

We really like Don’t Be a Tourist in Barcelona! Thanks for making us smile despite such a sad reality. Let’s create some GOOD tourism! dontbeatouristinbarcelona: Don’t be a tourist. Don’t follow a leader. If you do, don’t block the streets.

Tourism and the sharing economy in Barcelona

When Vacationing Doesn’t Mean Having to Act Like a Tourist. An interesting article about tourism and the sharing economy in Barcelona by Rosie Spinks for Good Magazine.  

15 days to go – share your culture!

We invite guests to bring and share their culture because everyone is a local somewhere. In exchange, we make Barcelona’s culture more accessible to everyone who cares!

El Naufraguito and tourist terrorism

We are fans of El Naufraguito! At the end of the day, yök was born in order to fight the tourist-terrorist, a real threat to Barcelona!  

Barcelona, the brand.

Here some interesting views about the brand Barcelona. There’s more to it than Gaudí and Picasso, but it is also running the risk of being spoilt by tourism …  

Behomm, house swapping for creatives.

A great way to travel for creative minds! Swap your home with another designer or visual artist via Behomm. By invite only.

20 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Today we are feeling inspired, and the wanderlust! Check out these 21 amazing hotels you need to visit before you die.  

20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain

20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain, according to Huffington post. We like it! ;)