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Behomm, house swapping for creatives.

A great way to travel for creative minds! Swap your home with another designer or visual artist via Behomm. By invite only.

20 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Today we are feeling inspired, and the wanderlust! Check out these 21 amazing hotels you need to visit before you die.  

20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain

20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain, according to Huffington post. We like it! ;)  

Why No One Will Buy Tourism in the Future

Interesting talk by Neal Gorenflo: #HackTravel: Why No One Will Buy Tourism in the Future. The gist of the talk is that the rise of net culture, with it’s emphasis on collaboration, peer relationships, and social good, is changing the habits of […]

Avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city in which Britons are most likely to fall victim to pickpockets or holiday scams such as overcharging taxi drivers, new research has suggested. Full article: Barcelona ‘worst’ city for holiday scams We believe that visitors should be made aware […]

Tourist Walk, tourism in Barcelona documented

Tourist Walk is Marc Javierre’s photographic documentary of mass tourism in Barcelona. While some photos might seem funny, it shows the sad truth of irresponsible tourism in the city. We hope that showing this phenomenon inspires more people to do something against […]

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world, according to Forbes… maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, especially if you read why (shopping?!) but we agree; you can be very happy in Barcelona!  

Best hotels with bicycles

Hotels and bikes go together like fish and the sea… here’s Tablet Magazine’s report on the best hotels for two-wheelers!  

We hate tourism tours

Kudos to We Hate Tourism Tours in Lisbon for their bold naming and for getting it right! You can also hate them on facebook.  

One-billionth tourist arrives somewhere in the world

Today, december 13th 2012, is the day that the one-billionth tourist arrives somewhere in the world! One billion tourists have travelled the world in 2012, marking a new record for international tourism. By buying local, saving energy and transportation, protecting heritage and […]

Why can’t we have a global citizen passport?

Wouldn’t this be nice…  

Eco-friendly practices in hotels and b&bs

Interesting statistics regarding eco-friendly practices in hotels and b&bs, according to TripAdvisor’s 2012 Industry Index.  

Top ideas for tourism and travel!

Top 10 ideas from Springwise’s Tourism and Travel section over the last 12 months!  

The Circus Hotel, a green option

The Circus Hotel proves that stars are not important, but an ethical approach is and even makes you #1 on Tripadvisor!  

The Pixel Hotel room rental

Really cool hotel concept, this Pixel Hotel in Linz! Pixel Hotel invites its guests to spend their stay in Linz residing in not-your-everyday accommodations—in a Pixelhotel providing a very unconventional sort of lodging. The individual rooms and suites are dispersed throughout the […]