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What happens to the recycling in Barcelona?

Have you ever thought about what happens to the recycling when it leaves our Casas? And why Cava bottles should be taken to the Punto Verde recycling point instead of the glass container? What happens to lightbulbs? Until the rest of the […]

We protest against mass tourism

This afternoon we will hit the street and ask for a more sustainable tourism, instead of mass tourism for Barcelona! Quality rather than quantity. A new model that works for the citizens, not just big companies. We have to learn from cities […]

Park(ing) Day: more green spaces, less cars!

Once again we occupied a parking slot to manifest our wish for more green spaces and less cars in cities, especially Barcelona’s city center. Here some photos of this year’s spot in from of the Arc de Triomf, 5 minutes walk from […]

Barcelona’s Mayor to Tourists: Go Away

Great article about tourism in Barcelona via Bloomberg: Barcelona’s Mayor to Tourists: Go Away. We kind of agree; we believe that we need to focus on the quality of tourism in the city, instead of until now, the quantity! Why? See the Best […]

Tourism in Barcelona and how to go about it!

Quo Vadis Barcelona? is a great article (in Catalan) about tourism in Barcelona, past and future, with ideas to save our city from becoming unliveable for locals. Nobody goes there any more, it’s too crowded is another article by The Economist regarding […]

Come and absorb our view of Barcelona

This is our terrace, the #terrazayök! Check out our cultural events and join us up here. If you stay with us, you can hang out on the terrace when we are working in the office. Have a glass of wine, read your […]

Happy World Pride!

10 years ago today Spain legalised same sex marriage, hurray! It was the third country to do so, after the Netherlands and Belgium, and 17 days before Canada.

The most boring viral video

Please support Arrels Fundació by watching this most boring viral video! Arrels made our bedside tables and upcycled stools, under the supervision of designer Curro Claret. The foundation helps homeless people in Barcelona find their path towards autonomy, offering them housing, meals, […]

La Barcelona banal and tourism

Great article from El País about (mass) tourism in Barcelona: La Barcelona banal. In Catalan.

Rooftop visits in Barcelona

On sunday 21st and 28th of december we invite you to a tour around Barcelona’s old town’s rooftops, including yök’s! The “Ruta pels terrats de Ciutat Vella” is organised by Barcelona Rooftops, an initiative that promotes the sharing of forgotten rooftops. Sign […]

Park(ing) Day 2014; less cars more green spaces!

We participated in this year’s Park(ing) Day. Together with our neighbours, we occupied the parking slot in front of the Arc de Triomf! Everyone brought plants in the morning to fill the space, and picked them up again in the evening. Together […]

Don’t be a tourist!

We really like Don’t Be a Tourist in Barcelona! Thanks for making us smile despite such a sad reality. Let’s create some GOOD tourism! dontbeatouristinbarcelona: Don’t be a tourist. Don’t follow a leader. If you do, don’t block the streets.

The carbon footprint of a rose

Happy Sant Jordi! Inèdit calculated the C02 footprint of a rose! Only 15% of the around 6 million roses sold on Sant Jordi in Barcelona each year have been grown locally in Catalonia. The rest come from Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands. […]

Barcelona, the brand.

Here some interesting views about the brand Barcelona. There’s more to it than Gaudí and Picasso, but it is also running the risk of being spoilt by tourism …  

Barcelona apartment design by Nook

We love the way Nook architects have renovated this old apartment in the barrio Gótico, respecting the old tiles and the textures of the walls for the new layout. More about the project on Dezeen and DiarioDesign (in spanish). If you like this style, […]