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Posts in Barcelona

Let’s support freelance workers and start-ups in Spain

We just signed the petition on Change.org for fairer and progressive fees for freelance workers and start-ups in Spain.  

Hostal Grau, LEED certified in Barcelona

We like Hostal Grau, the first hotel in Barcelona to obtain LEED certification! Right next to Bar Centric Canalla in the Raval.  

Barcelona around 1900

Researching Barcelona around 1900! Thank you Benjamin Julve for this precious book! You can now find it in our library!  

Mapping the flow of people in Barcelona

A cool map by Eric Fischer, mapping the flow of tourists and locals in Barcelona (and other cities), via their uploads of photos on Flickr. Blue pictures are by locals. Red pictures are by tourists. Yellow pictures might be by either.  

Our view of Barcelona from the terrace! Opening in 2014

It’s hard to come up here and not take any photos!

Join Civiclub in Barcelona!

From today, Barcelona’s citizens can get rewarded for doing good. Join Civiclub and earn points (or Civis) every time you recycle, donate blood or go to the gym for example!

A Barcelona guide of things long gone.

Check out the blog “Vestigos de Barcelona”, a guide of urban ruins, memories of the city and signs that show things that are long gone. Discover stories like that of the unusual clock above, from the Banca Rosés and the former Banco […]

A Spanish design!

We like good design made in Spain! And this one comes with a message! #PaísdePandereta is a spanish branded project by Aa studio that is looking for crowd funding via Verkami at the moment. We want one!  

The Future of Tourism in Barcelona by Harold Goodwin

The Future of Tourism in Barcelona. You can download Goodwin’s critical and concerning talk about the future of Tourism in Barcelona, and the slideshow here. He says: “many in the industry are in denial that tourism is bringing economic, social and environmental […]

Guided Tours of Barcelona by the Homeless

Who best to show you around the streets of Barcelona than someone who has lived on those very streets…. Hidden City Tours offers guided tours by homeless people, starting october 10th 2013. Via: Diario ABC

A Barcelona audio guide by Petz

Here is an audio tour, designed and narrated by Petz Scholtus for PocketGuide. You can download the App and the tour via PocketGuide/yokbarcelona.  

Avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city in which Britons are most likely to fall victim to pickpockets or holiday scams such as overcharging taxi drivers, new research has suggested. Full article: Barcelona ‘worst’ city for holiday scams We believe that visitors should be made aware […]

Make Barcelona bike-friendly

The FAD’s Xarxes d’Opinió (networks of opinions) has interviewed a series of people about The Bicycle in Barcelona (in Catalan). What are your suggestions to make the city bike-friendlier?  

Why some (still) love Barcelona!

Here are CondéNast writer Jesús Terrés’s reasons why he (still) loves Barcelona (in Spanish). I have a very strange relationship with Barcelona. She is (to me) like that girlfriend you don´t understand, that drives you up the wall, with who after every night […]