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Tasty remodelling at the Mercer Hotel Barcelona

It seems the Mercer Hotel Barcelona managed to nicely preserve history and its roman walls while at the same time adding a touch of new without over-designing the place. Often designers and architects spoil what’s there by adding too many modern features […]

Great murphy beds make space

What if unused hotel rooms could just disappear and become useful space? With these mobile walls and these murphy beds this could be possible…  

Nido occasional tables made in Spain

Nido is a set of occasional tables (like when you want to have your suitcase displayed openly in the hotel room) made in Valencia from solid oak. A design from the 60s, still valid today.  

Murphy beds made in Spain

Nice Murphy Beds from Spain by Sellex, who seem to have a solid environmental policy. Perfect for hotel beds that are not constantly in use.  

Hotel wallpaper tells the history of the building

Great idea! The customised wallpaper of the Wythe Hotel tells the story of the building… growhousegrow: Beautiful wallpaper cooked up by the very talented Dan Funderburgh for the new Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Nano-treated bed linen save water

Nano-treated bed linens could save the average hotel more than 100 million liters of water per year. A great example of Biomimicry at work, learning from the Lotus plant how to clean without detergents. [Thanks dMASS for the tip!]  

Seats made in Spain by Guillem Ferran

More fun, locally produced sustainable furniture from Spain we’d like to see in our hotel. These seats are by Barcelona designer Guillem Ferran, and made in Valencia.

Chair turns into shelving system for hotel

Chairs = multi-functional, minimum use of material “clothes cupboard”… nice idea for a hotel room, don’t you think? Via hilkar.mx

Hanger solutions for hotel rooms

Very cool way of hanging and putting away things, perfect for hotel rooms so we don’t need cupboards!  

Pedal-powered hotel TV

Here’s a pedal-powered TV from a hotel room at Cottage Lodge in the UK! I guess that also eliminates the gym…  

VOC-free paints made in Europe

VOC-free paints of course! In Spain the leaders seem to be Livos and Keim… any other brands you recommend?  

Do you unpack your suitcase in hotels?

Surely we don’t need clumsy wardrobes in hotel rooms if there is a rack for each suitcase… I mean, who actually unpacks for a 2-5 day stay?!  

Hotel poster ideas

Cool poster for any hotel wall! By Green Patriot Posters.

Headboards made from reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood used to make bed headboards, nice!