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Meet our construction team and architects!

We would like to introduce you to our construction team! Armando’s company CTTEAM and Cova, together with architect Albert from Postbook, will be executing the eco-renovation in the next few months.  

This is our floorplan!

This is our plan! 3 spacious apartments with “modernismo” floors and ceilings, typical “Eixample” balconies, and locally made furniture. Follow the #ecorenovation online and come and stay with us this summer!  

Careful with the antique tiles!

And so it begins, very carefully! Here we had to open up the floor to fix a structural beam underneath. The mosaic floor was taken off and put back piece by piece.  

Before we eco-renovate…

Here some wonderful photos by Benjamin Julve!  

Untouched for quite a few years!

This is what our spaces looked like when we found them.  

A wallpaper idea!

We prepared the viewing of our newly found space to house yök with a wallpaper idea with graphics by the late architect Antonio Rovira i Rabassa. Check out the video of the event here.  

We found a fresco…

… covered over with layers of paint! It dates back to the year 1900 according to Vicente de la Fuente. Here is how it looks once we have recovered it:

Meet our architect, Albert Serradell

Our architect Albert Serradell from Postbook is at it! (With its 4 arms ;) Postbook specialises in managing rehabilitations and maintenance of buildings.  

Our space before eco-renovating

Sneak preview… Thank you Benjamin Julve! azulcemento: @yokbarcelona de @petzdelux y @maranis #ubiquography #photooftheday #iphonesia #iphonesia #igers #webstagram #statigram #architecture #building #buildings #bcn #bw #blackandwhite #monocrome #construyendobiencomun

More wood floor per forest!

Here’s a wooden flooring that offers more floors per forest by respecting the trees’ natural curves. Bolefloor uses FSC certified wood and saves natural resources through its optimising technology. And it looks good! Thanks Dmass for the tip!  

VOC-free paints made in Europe

VOC-free paints of course! In Spain the leaders seem to be Livos and Keim… any other brands you recommend?  

R3project upcycled kitchen

The R3project, an eco-renovation in Barcelona

The R3project is Petz’s renovation of her eco-flat in Barcelona in 2006. This project is what inspired and motivated her to create a hotel project a few years later, when she decided she did not want to create more things. As an […]

Hostal Empuries, a true inspiration!

Hostal Empúries on the Costa Brava got it right: beauty, wellness and sustainability! We like it! They are the first LEED certified hotel in Spain. Right on the beach, surrounded by their own vegetable garden and solar panels, this project is right […]