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A Barcelona audio guide by Petz

Here is an audio tour, designed and narrated by Petz Scholtus for PocketGuide. You can download the App and the tour via PocketGuide/yokbarcelona.  

The whole truth about online hotel reviews

The whole truth about hotel reviews in internet– interesting Infographics by TecnoHotel. “49% of travelers don’t book in a hotel without reviews. Top platform for reviews: Tripadvisor”  

Avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city in which Britons are most likely to fall victim to pickpockets or holiday scams such as overcharging taxi drivers, new research has suggested. Full article: Barcelona ‘worst’ city for holiday scams We believe that visitors should be made aware […]

#2 Be a social hub

#2 is about creating a space for people by people. In that we look up to the lobby of the Ace Hotel and we like the Open Plan by Andre Pradiktha!  

Pre-opening of the Michelberger Hotel

Fun pre-opening publicity shot by the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin; we are your fans!

The Non Tourist project

We love non-tourism! Here is exciting way to travel without feeling like a tourist, while at the same time learning something, being social and doing good! Check out the Non Tourist Project, currently offering experiences in Island, Nepal and Peru.  

Think. Eat. Save. Happy Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day! This year’s slogan is Think.Eat.Save., UNEP’s anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. This is equivalent […]

Barcelona is 5th top world travel destination

TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2013 destinations are out, and Barcelona  is no. 5 of the world’s 25 top destinations.

Upcycled PET Lamp Project

Not everything needs to be local all the time. Here is the amazing PET Lamp Project all the way from Colombia, dealing with the problem of plastic waste, the disappearing of an ancient artisan textile craft and refugees from the guerilla war, […]

Hotel Alma’s Barcelona Guide

We love Hotel Alma’s travel guide “Barcelona con Alma. Conversations between citizens of Barcelona ”. In it, real Barcelonians share their favourite places to each other in conversations. For example designer Miguel Milà talks to journalist Rafae Vilasanjuan, and Pablo Juncadella, art […]

Virus and climate change, and how it affects tourism”

This morning, CETT Alumni and the Club de Biología y Biotecnología de Alumni UB organised a round table discussion around “virus, and climate change, and how it affects tourism”. Here we learned about One Health, “the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines — working locally, […]

the GreenLeaders Program by Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor launched the GreenLeaders Program to help eco business get the recognition they deserve and travellers plan more responsible trips. So far this is only for US-based hotels and B&Bs but we hope it will be global soon. Check TripAdvisor’s survey guide […]

Hotelier measures what makes life worthwhile

Chip Conley is a hotelier with an interesting message. Watch his TED talk: Measuring what makes life worthwhile. Other professionals from the hotel business we like are Eric Goode, Sean MacPherson, Tyler Brûlé and Alex Calderwood.  

Valldaura Lab, self-sufficient in Barcelona

A while ago we visited Valldaura self sufficient lab, a project by the IaaC. This magical place in Collserola, a mountain range of Barcelona, is a great inspiration to anyone interested in learning from nature, becoming self sufficient, permaculture and knowledge sharing. […]

Tourist Walk, tourism in Barcelona documented

Tourist Walk is Marc Javierre’s photographic documentary of mass tourism in Barcelona. While some photos might seem funny, it shows the sad truth of irresponsible tourism in the city. We hope that showing this phenomenon inspires more people to do something against […]